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09-01-2003, 10:29 PM
THE SUN Valley
Thursday, January 9, 2003

<font size="+1">Get rid of two roundabouts in Subang Jaya</font>

AS A frustrated resident of Subang Jaya, I am asking other residents and road-users to join me in an appeal to MPSJ to improve the road traffic system in the area. The two roundabouts at SS14 and SS15 (next to Metropolitan College) simply do not work during peak hours.

On returning from work, I have been caught in traffic jams at these two roundabouts several times. Traffic literally came to a complete halt and it took me about 45 minutes to pass through.

It is about time the traffic engineers realise that:
roundabouts don't work when traffic is at its peak, i.e. during rush hours, as the "give way to the right-hand traffic" system does not apply. The traffic flow is continuous and unless one pushes forward, there us virtually no chance of getting through;
it is important to learn from past experiences as the constantly-jammed KL-Puduraya roundabout was eventually removed and a traffic light system is now in use. Likewise, the two roundabouts in Subang Jaya should be removed and a new traffic light system introduced; and
the upgrading of Jalan Kewajipan and Jalan Jengka into a three-lane carriageway does not help relieve motorists from traffic jams at the roundabout.
Hopefully, MPSJ can start the new year with this proposal as its priority!

S.P. Lim
Subang Jaya

10-01-2003, 10:15 AM
I have absolutely no idea how our traffic woes can be solved.
Jeff, I cannot see how any of the multiple choice selection in the poll will help either. There are just too many vehicles in our neighbourhood, and/or driving through our neighbourhood.

I vaguely recall some authority or other telling us that as soon as the fly-over at the roundabouts is completed and open to traffic, our traffic problems would be history. Seems to me history is not going anywhere.:(

10-01-2003, 11:15 AM
Yoke Imm, you are right.

As we get more road enhancements, we get even more cars.

So, back to square one, and shall we say... history is repeating itself.


10-01-2003, 11:17 AM
OK, read the Malay Mail today.
There is a story on Page 8:

"Roundabout headache in SS15"
It's the cause of traffic congestion, accidents, say police.

10-01-2003, 11:40 AM
Friday, January 10, 2003

<FONT SIZE="+1">Roundabout headache in SS15</FONT>
It's the cause of traffic congestion, accidents, say police


IMAGINE being stuck in a traffic jam for almost two hours every day - that's what most residents face at Jalan Jengka in SS15, Subang Jaya.

Frustrating as that may be, it's considered normal for residents and road users there.

And the Jalan Jengka roundabout is an accident-prone area.

Muhd Fansuhadie Abd Ghani, 31, said he has been staying in the area for 10 years, long enough to get used to the traffic congestion.

"The congestion causes major headaches and it's getting worse as more residential areas are opened nearby," he said.

"I believe one or two accidents occur every month. The most recent was a few days ago when a man drove his car right into the roundabout."

Normaria Norhariri, who works in the area, said the roundabout is notorious for traffic congestion.

"I think it's because of the four broad roads leading to the roundabout. each has three lanes, and when the road reaches the roundabout, the bottleneck occurs," she said. "The roundabout should be replaced by traffic lights."

Normaria said the heavy traffic is also due to the roundabout being an access point to other areas such as Puchong, Sunway and the Federal Highway from Subang Jaya.

According to the PJ traffic police,there has been 443 accidents at the roads leading to the roundabout, and out of the recorded accidents, 110 occurred at the roundabout.

Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) deputy president Arpah Abdul Razak said they expanded the road lanes leading to the roundabout to ease the traffic flow.

"But to change the whole system, or to think of a substitute for the roundabout soon is not feasible. We need to do a study to analyse what is appropriate," said Arpah.

Subang Jaya Assemblyman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng said he's aware of the problems faced by motorists in the area.

"We have brought the matter up to the authorities on ways to ease congestion," said Lee yesterday.

"First of all, no expressway should begin and end near a roundabout, and even before work on the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) began, I brought the matter up,"

With the NPE located so close to the roundabout, motorists tend to speed after the NPE especially when approaching the roundabout.

NPE officials could not be reached for comment yesterday.


10-01-2003, 12:41 PM
1. Turn the two roundabouts into traffic light system.

2. Build a flyover ontop of the roundabout near Metropolitan College for traffice to flow unrestricted towards/from SJMC/USJ direction.

3. Build a flyover stretching from USJ/4 to Subang Jaya SS19/18 to allow unrestricted flow of traffic on the main Tujuan Road.

4. Build an overhead bridge for students to cross the road from/to the SMK Subang Utama in SS18, AND to remove the silly traffic light which creates massive traffic build-up whenever students cross the road to get to/from the school.

5. Create an exit near CSA building to allow traffic from Subang Jaya to enter Federal Highway directly instead of being routed via the former KFC exit.

6. Finally, implement an integrated transport system so that SJ/USJ residents can commute easily to make full use of the train services. This will drastically reduce the number of cars within SJ areas.

10-01-2003, 08:41 PM
Allow me to analyze this scientifically.

1. Roundabouts

Roundabouts are only suitable if the traffic flow is VERY LIGHT. The advantages being that one does not need to wait for the traffic lights to turn green when there are no cars. So throughput can be maximized without traffic lights and there is no maintenance of traffic lights.

Therefore, putting roundabouts in heavy traffic areas is a case of minimizing throughput and increasing accidents !!

2. Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are most suitable if the traffic flow is MEDIUM so that the utilization rate of the roads can be maximized. The waiting time in the traffic lights should not be more than 3 minutes.

3. Flyovers/Highways

Flyovers are best utilized if there is HEAVY traffic flow in peak and non-peak hours; therefore, ensuring good utilization of the roads. You do not want to build expensive flyovers with limited budget to see that the flyover will be underutilized !

As you can see, choosing between one option against another is a tradeoff between budget and road throughput. MPSJ does not have unlimited funds !!

My solutions are:

1. To extend the NPE all the way to jalan tujuan. This will ease the traffic at the current jengka roundabout for traffic to/fro subang jaya and sunway.

2. To install traffic lights at the two roundabouts (eliminating the roundabouts). Building another flyover across jalan kemajuan to connect SS15 and SS14 is overkill as the cost is too expensive and you will have to build another flyover on top of the existing NPE. (A double layer flyover !).

3. Get rid of the traffic lights at ss18 along jalan tujuan where the main purpose is to let students cross the street. Jalan tujuan belongs to the category of "heavy" traffic. Build an overhead bridge between the secondary school at ss18 and lick hung so that both schools can share it.

4. Build a flyover linking usj 3 to just before jalan subang utama so that traffic can either flow straight (to federal highway) or flow to the right (to NPE). Imagine no more traffic lights when going to federal highway or sunway pyramid !!!

Hope that somebody can bring this to the press or should I ?

11-01-2003, 12:48 AM
Once the roundabout is replaced with traffic lights, I am certain that another problem typical of "SJians" will appear.

That because I have been stuck at the TRAFFIC LIGHTS of the SS19/SS17/SS18 T junction and the GIANT TRAFFIC LIGHTS due to the sick attitudes of some of the residents. Let me explain.

Once the traffic lights turn green, the vehicles coming into Jln Tujuan from Federal Highway and also vehicles coming from South of Jln Kewajipan heading north will rush across the traffic light and to fill up the other side and then the remainder will continue to fill up the "Yellow Box" area. When the traffic changes color, these vehicles will prevent traffic from other junctions from having access to cross the "Yellow Box" area. Maybe only a few cars will trickle through thereby causing the remainder to create a massive traffic jam. The traffic lights senses no movement and changes color compounding the problem.

So, the bottom line? It is not the traffic lights. It is the attitude of the people. When will they learn not to get into the "Yellow Box" area once the other side is full up.

So I guess the solution is: Punish the offenders with heavy fines till they learn.

No amount of spending on roundabouts and traffic lights will alleviate the problem. People with the wrong attitudes have a way of creating other problems once one problem is solved.

What do the others think?

11-01-2003, 01:30 AM
We can talk until the cows come home. As long as the federal Highway is jammed, we can build flyovers or whatever and it will still be jammed inside subang.

All we need to do is to start investing in alternative transport - i.e. improve public transportation.


11-01-2003, 02:02 AM
My 2 cents worth:

Guess what? After the new mode of transport is up, people still love to drive around in their cars.... still contributing to the jam..... reason: "more convenient to have a car around lah"; "want to show off all my modifications mah"; "lots of stuff to carry around lah"....and these same people will also be complaining about the difficulties they face in trying to get a parking lot at the LRT stations or whatever other stations.... get my drift?

My belief is "It's still attitude lah". Get it right and most of the problems will right itself.

12-01-2003, 10:07 PM
I very strongly believe and advocate that there be a one way traffic system for the main square circumvented by Psn Tujuan,Kewajipan, Psn Perpaduan and Subang Utama.

Traffic lights, I dont believe will resolve the traffic problem. On the contrary it will only retard traffic flow just like the scenario at the SS 19 area, Summit and Kesas interchanges. The traffic lights MUST go. The roundabouts can stay if a one way traffic system is implemented, but preferably the ones at Subang Utama should go. Whilst most of us will need to take longer diversion in some instances, I am convinced a one way traffic system for this main arterial square can and will resolve the traffic congestion. Why? Because all the points of congestion or hot spots will effectively be removed ie the traffic lights at Summit, Kesas, SS 19 and SS19/Subang Utama. And the two roundabouts in Subang Jaya.

Patrick Tan

13-01-2003, 05:00 PM
Monday, January 13, 2003

<FONT SIZE="+1">Subang Utama stretch is under NPE</FONT>

I refer to the letter in Star Metro on Jan 7 titled “Raise Road Safety in Subang Jaya” from Mr Lau Bing.

We are aware that an accident had taken place at the roundabout in Subang Utama.

I wish to clarify that the stretch of road from the roundabout leading to the New Pantai Expressway is managed by NPE. It is proper that road signboards and other matters that concern the development of the road be referred to the right party.

While it is true that the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) wished to relocate workshops in the town centre of SS15 and Taipan to the light industrial area, the renovation works being carried out on the former Esso petrol station in SS14 are illegal.

I wish to inform that on Dec 26, MPSJ had issued a stop-work order to the owner.

Deputy President,
Subang Jaya Municipal Council.


13-01-2003, 09:24 PM
THE SUN Valley
Monday, January 13, 2003

<FONT SIZE="+1">Traffic lights may not be the answer in Subang Jaya</FONT>

I UNDERSTAND the frustration of S.P. Lin (theSun Valley, Jan 9) who proposed that two roundabouts in Subang Jaya be replaced with traffic lights.

Having traffic lights in place of roundabouts may be a good idea or a solution for some townships or countries but, certainly, not for Subang Jaya/USJ.

If you don’t believe me, go during any rush hour and take a look for yourself at any of these traffic junctions and crossroads, namely the one in SS19, on Jalan Tujuan/Jalan Subang Utama, or the one that you usually use to get to the Giant Hypermarket (Persiaran Murni/Jalan Kewajipan).

All you need to do is spend say, 10 minutes, at the vicinity and you will get to see strange things happening at any of these places.

For instance, motorists cutting out of the queue to get in front of another car or a couple of motorcyclists dashing across before the light changes.

Oh yes, there is also the chance that you might get to see some daredevil driving against the flow of trafflc to beat the jam.

Why do they do these things? Time is money to them and so they can’t afford to be late for business appointments with clients.

Add to that, those who are late for work or social engagements, and you have one big jungle.

Traffic lights are only useful in places with lighter traffic flows and, therefore, not workable for townships like Subang Jaya/USJ. it is more logical to have traffic policemen

to help ease traffic flows at roundabouts during the rush hour than having them turned into crossroads with traffic lights.

Do you know that the population in Subang Jaya/USJ is estimated to be around 480,000. Assuming that each family owns two cars, there would be about 320,000 car owners in both townships.

However, do bear a little while longer, with the inconveniences and frustrations that you now face during rush hours, because there will soon be three flyovers to ease the traffic flow.

I understand that the flyovers will be at the old Subang Airport Road, the Federal Highway and Kelana Jaya. There will also be a flyover for the two infamous roündabouts in Subang Jaya.

In the meantime, some help from the traffic police wifi be much appreciated.

Lau Bing
Subang Jaya

13-01-2003, 09:29 PM
THE SUN Valley
Monday, January 13, 2003

<FONT SIZE="+1">Flyovers for problem mundabouts being studied</FONT>

I WISH to respond to the letter “Get rid of two roundabouts in Subang Jaya”, that appeared in your paper on Jan 9.

I fully agree that roundabouts are out of date in urban areas.

Traffic jams wifi occur during peak periods, as at the two roundabouts in SS14 and SS15, Subang Jaya.

I have suggested to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) that they set up traffic lights at the Metropolitan Roundabout in SS15.

MPSJ will study my suggestion regarding the RM5O million flyover from the Subang Jaya Medical Centre to the Federal Highway and the Subang Airport Road.

There is also the problem of too many utilities like water pipes, telephone lines and electricity cables at this roundabout.

It will be too expensive to relocate them.

The Jengka Roundabout in SS14 is also under study by MPSJ.

It is ridiculous to have the Pantai Expressway start and end at this roundabout.

As such, the Highway Authority has asked the concession company, NPE Sdn Bhd, to build a flyover at this roundabout.

The construction of this flyover will take time. Meanwhile, there are daily traffic jams and accidents at this roundabout.

I have asked the Petaling Jaya traffic police to man this roundabout daily during the evening peak hours.

I have also asked MPSJ to consider setting up traffic lights here while waiting for the flyover (if ever) to be built.

Road upgrades take time and cost a lot of money. I hope S.P. Lim and Subang Jaya residents will be patient.

I shall try my best to push the various authorities to move faster.

Lee Hwa Beng
State Assemblyman for Subang Jaya

THE SUN Valley
Monday, January 13, 2003

<FONT SIZE="+1">Flyovers for problem mundabouts being studied</FONT>

I WISH to respond to the letter “Get rid of two roundabouts in Subang Jaya”, that appeared in your paper on Jan 9.

I fully agree that roundabouts are out of date in urban areas.

Traffic jams wifi occur during peak periods, as at the two roundabouts in SS14 and SS15, Subang Jaya.

I have suggested to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) that they set up traffic lights at the Metropolitan Roundabout in SS15.

MPSJ will study my suggestion regarding the RM5O million flyover from the Subang Jaya Medical Centre to the Federal Highway and the Subang Airport Road.

There is also the problem of too many utilities like water pipes, telephone lines and electricity cables at this roundabout.

It will be too expensive to relocate them.

The Jengka Roundabout in SS14 is also under study by MPSJ.

It is ridiculous to have the Pantai Expressway start and end at this roundabout.

As such, the Highway Authority has asked the concession company, NPE Sdn Bhd, to build a flyover at this roundabout.

The construction of this flyover will take time. Meanwhile, there are daily traffic jams and accidents at this roundabout.

I have asked the Petaling Jaya traffic police to man this roundabout daily during the evening peak hours.

I have also asked MPSJ to consider setting up traffic lights here while waiting for the flyover (if ever) to be built.

Road upgrades take time and cost a lot of money. I hope S.P. Lim and Subang Jaya residents will be patient.

I shall try my best to push the various authorities to move faster.

Lee Hwa Beng
State Assemblyman for Subang Jaya

14-01-2003, 09:57 AM
After using the roads in Subang / USJ for over 8 years, I am totally agree with Alex that it is all boils down to attitude / mindset.

Would like to share with you a flow on how a result happens.

Result is cause by Action.
Action is created by Mindset.
Mindset is due to Beliefs.

If I belief that my time is more important than anyone else, I will do anything to make sure it is so. This will become the mindset. By that, I will overtake cars, drive against the flow, jump red lights, stop in the yellow box, etc. which is the situation we are facing everyday.

If everyone belief that we should give way to other people, and it will be menifest in the way that we will have a smooth traffic flow in the area.

We need to brain wash SJians on this before we will have a smooth traffic !!!:)

14-01-2003, 01:58 PM
Yes, attitude is the main culprit causing all the jam, but do we just cry over it? Brain washing has been on, but without the motorists suffering pain, they will be as kiasu as citizens of our neighbor!

1. The hardware improvement must continue. True MPSJ does not have an unlimited budget, but to borrow Uncle Sam's words, you want convenient, pay for it. Since most of our roads are tolled, I do not know how our road tax collection is expended. Can we make law that part of the road tax is chanelled to local council for transport system improvement? The Council also can impose a 5% cess (upon the selling price) on every new house built within the municipality and chanel the cess to the transport improvement fund. You choose to stay in MPSJ, pay the extra cost! Think of other ways to "tax" non MPSJ residents' vehicles "trespassing" the areas.

2. Ensure traffic enforcement is effective. Amend the law that all citizens can be a reporter of traffic offences. Donot penalise the reporter for making a report (like the rape case) so that "peer pressure" will make everybody on the toe. Our neighbor is so successful in maintaining fist class hygiene because of the so many private eyes. We have had enough of "educating" the public. It simply does not work.

3. So much for the road menace. Now the jam around commercial areas, especially the Taipan areas. The enforcement must not show any mercy whatsoer in towing away any transport vehicles found double parking, EVEN with drivers waiting in the vehicles, be they cars, motor cycles, trucks, whosoever they belong to, MPSJ officers included. Make the suffering (fine) very painful so that such habitual drivers will think thrice before they double park.

Of course above are NOT the cure all medicines. A thorough study will have to be carried out to look into all the implications.

14-01-2003, 08:33 PM
Ahmad Fuad suggests LRT or Monorail links to Subang Jaya.

Let's hope he has consulted PUTRALine and STARline, who are now under special administrators, and that the LRT operators will respond positively.

It's noted that neither PUTRA nor STAR operates monorail.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

<font size="+2">MPSJ projects to end traffic woes</font>

THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council is implementing a comprehensive set of projects to alleviate traffic congestion in its municipality.

Council president Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail said at a press briefing at the MPSJ premises on Saturday that there were a number of complaints on traffic congestion from motorists and residents.

...Some 20 road projects are under way in Subang Jaya, Puchong-Serdang and Sri Kembangan. Their costs are borne by the council, state and federal governments, and developers. The projects under the council are scheduled for completion in two years' time.

Ahmad Fuad said the problem areas included the Jalan Jengka roundabout, Kewajipan roundabout, Kewajipan interchange, the traffic light junction at SS19, Kewajipan-LDP junction, in front of LDP and Summit-Giant Hypermarket junction.

“Residents in Subang Jaya usually have more than one car. Public transport in the area is not satisfactory, businesses are flourishing especially in Taipan and SS15 and on top of that, many motorists are using the spacious roads in Subang Jaya as short-cut to West Port and KLIA or simply to avoid toll. All these factors contribute to Subang Jaya's traffic problems,'' he said, adding that the municipality's population was expected to hit 700,000 in five years.

“As an immediate remedy, we plan to improve the public transportation system,'' he said.

The council suggested building an LRT or Monorail terminal at SS13 that would be linked to existing stations at Lembah Subang and Bukit Jalil as well as other core places in the municipality. “We are still working on the feasibility study. The whole traffic system in Subang Jaya will be linked up if this plan becomes a reality,” he said.

Ahmad Fuad urged the state government to co-ordinate the planning done by various councils so that the “missing links” between municipalities could be taken care of.

The road projects include:

<font size="+1">– Proposal to build Second Link access and exit roads from Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya to Federal Highway and Jalan Subang</font>

Federal Government has channelled an allocation of RM360mil for the project.

The 5km-long road will begin with an underpass stretching from 3k Sports Complex, Jalan Kewajipan to Sri Kuala Lumpur International School that allows motorists to avoid Jalan Kewajipan/ Jalan Subang Utama roundabout.

At the school, the road will be elevated and will lead straight to the old airport road where it makes a loop at an Indian temple near the Royal Selangor Golf Course to enter Federal Highway, in KL’s direction.

A ramp will be built from Carrefour Hypermarket to connect to the elevated highway at Mesiniaga Building.

Traffic lights at 3K will be dismantled; the U-turn will be taken away too.

The project is expected to take a little more than a year to complete.

<font SIZE="+1">- Proposal to build access road from Shah Alam Highway (Kesas) to Taman Subang Mewah (USJ1)</font>

Project cost of RM8.1mil is borne by state government and MPSJ. The developer has contributed RM2mil.

Works started in December last year and will take a year to complete.

The 1km road has a motor lane, of which 50m is elevated.

The stretch allows motorists to avoid Jalan Kewajipan that has a heavy traffic volume.

<font size="+1">- Plan to extend New Pantai Expressway from its end at Jalan Jengka roundabout to Persiaran Tujuan

- Proposal to build a link road over Klang River from USJ1 to Puchong</font>

The bridge of this stretch, that runs across Klang River, is estimated to cost RM25mil.

This stretch provides an alternative to Subang Jaya residents to go to Tesco without using the LDP.

Developers will contribute to the cost.


15-01-2003, 10:04 AM
:D :D :D :D :) :) :)

15-01-2003, 10:33 AM
Sound like a good news. Will see what will come out at the end.

15-01-2003, 01:29 PM
Forget about roundabouts and traffics lights. I suggest improving existing public transport systems rather than wasting more $$$ on projects. As you can see, we'd spent so much on highways, expressways and freeways and yet we are still stuck in daily jams. Most of the time these ways are built at the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact we see more tolls than nasi lemak stalls. Just look at bigger cities around the world like Washington, Tokyo, Melbourne etc and you'll hardly find any jams. They've been enjoying their more reliable and efficient public transport system for decades. And here we are not sure what to do. I don't think it's easy to change people's attitude either. They are what they are.

15-01-2003, 04:10 PM
There is a chinese saying "gong san yi goi, bun sing nan yi" meaning people's attitudes and behaviour are extremely difficult to change.

I once saw someone crossing a white line into the LDP near sunway. I was going straight on the LDP and he just swerved/turned right into my path suddenly causing a near accident. When I pointed out the white line to him, he just showed me an obscene finger meaning that he knew the offence but couldn't care less !

People are still double parking and triple parking their cars even after all the towing exercises ! If you tell them not to do it, you will most probably be scolded !! I once did that and I got scolded !

Let us be practical here !!!

1. Traffic lights will definitely put some order on those roundabouts as roundabouts are the worse constructions for very heavy traffic (see my reasoning earlier).

But do not get the impression that there will be NO MORE traffic jams ! Just that the traffic will be smoother and not so chaotic. It is not the best solution but it is better than the current situation.
The best situation is to have a flyover in all directions but that is very costly !

Note the extremely smooth traffic flow from ss15 to sunway after building the NPE flyover without crossing the roundabout.

2. Public transport system is a good idea if the design, planning , management and bus integration are good as evidenced in singapore. Just look at our LRT and you will see how inefficient, poorly designed and poorly managed our LRT system is. Instead of one LRT system, we have several ! PUTRA, STAR, KTM, you name it etc.

- The waiting time is long as I took almost half an hour sometimes just to wait for the KTM train to go to KL vs. every 5 minutes in singapore !

- Changing from one system to another involves walking quite a distance out to the hot sun even, eg. at masjid jamik LRT

- Waiting for buses also takes a long time and sometimes the bus drivers think that they are on a race track !!!

- Bus stops cannot reach a lot of areas

- There is definitely not enough parking at the LRT stations for those who wants to park their cars there first.

All these make the public transport system in malaysia highly unattractive and not viable except to the poor.

3. Lee tick seng's point is that building all these expressways doesn't help. But the main reason why it does not seem to help is because of the relatively high toll rates and many toll plazas around and definitely not the fault of the expressways. If the govt removes all the toll rates around klang valley, you will definitely see smoother AND less traffic flow on the federal highway !

4. Washington, melbourne, tokyo are different because the people there have better attitude. If you think that you can change people's attitude in one or two generations, then dream on....

If you do not believe me, try reasoning to someone everytime you see them break traffic rules ! And please bring along a shield or helmet to protect yourself !!!

15-01-2003, 07:27 PM
Well said, Ng!! Our LRT/STARetc etc are individual profit oriented, but the Singapore/HK MRT are people oriented, in the process they make bigger profits because their system is dependable, convenient, and relatively cheap. Mind you catching the MRT from Changi Airport to Orchard costs only Sin Dollar 1.60 only, and our KL Express is RM35!! Even the Sentral/KLIA distance is double, you don't pay 5 times the fare!! I know the KLIA sector does not have enough volume, but volume is what you make it to be by making the travel attractive!!

16-01-2003, 08:48 AM
Ah.. the typical Malaysian way of doing business. Charge really high, then hope people will buy their service. If they had put affordable and realistic rates on the tolls, LRTs, ERL etc, then more people will use these facilities. Then they can get more income, then no worries on debt payments or low usage. They should go for quantity, not quality.

16-01-2003, 08:49 AM
the spore model of one way streets is probably the most effective. unfortunately it may not be quite practical here. one way street-ing could be done for the huge square from the 2 roundabouts down to the stretch fronting subangparade/carrefour. but as i said, it could be madness with two major shopping complexes in the midst. and lots of kiasu folks would rather burn their fuel and time in traffic jams than travel a little longer distance without hassle. for me, i'm glad i'm not in the area most of my life.;)

16-01-2003, 12:59 PM
"MPSJ will study my ( a big ?????) suggestion regarding the RM5O million flyover from the Subang Jaya Medical Centre to the Federal Highway and the Subang Airport Road."

So claims a certain politician who is under great heat and "****" after falling from grace thanks to the abandoned projects of Rhythm & Newgate in "City To Be Subang Jaya" BUT THEN AGAIN - I was among several others who heard the same idea from another politician's briefing at the Works Ministry more than two years ago but then, they expected problems related to allocation, land acquisition, third party interest, squatters etc etc - but I am sure between now and the elections - there may be many such ideas and millions spent on various "solutions to end Subang Jaya's many woes" created in the first place by the same people who created them and after all its the people's money that is been spent.

And the beneficiaries will no doubt the many politically connected contractors - the kind that can give RM300,000.00 to RM800,000.00 for political funds and politician's political projects - and "War Chest" - the ones, you read about in big prints in the Star Metro!!??

We have not forgotten the great monument of SIN and SHAME - the one we call Million - uh Park ??

Dr. Jacob George
Subang Jaya.

17-01-2003, 12:40 PM
time to become a traffic consultant. even 10% of 50 mil sure is a lot to be split 5, maybe 10 ways.

18-01-2003, 10:57 AM
Saturday, January 18, 2003

<font size="+1">Short-cut to disaster</font>

THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council has urged the concessionaire of New Pantai Expressway to construct another pedestrian overhead bridge in front of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre.

“The two existing pedestrian bridges are situated far away, causing many pedestrians to choose risking their lives by dashing across the highway than walking the distance to the bridges,” said MPSJ president Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail said.

He said the council had informed the concessionaire of the need for a pedestrian bridge nearer the popular shopping centre.

The existing bridges are at Mentari Park and SS14, which are about 200 meters from the shopping centre.

Asked if the council would impose fines to stop jaywalkers, he said that would be “difficult” as the place bordered areas under MPSJ and the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ).

“It is very dangerous, we hope the concessionaire will act fast before lives are lost,” he added.

A stakeout by Star Metro resulted in these photographs which captured dozens of pedestrians dicing with danger as they crossed the busy expressway before climbing over the highway’s fenced divider to get to the other side.

Even cyclists were seen taking this extremely dangerous short-cut.


19-01-2003, 08:27 AM
It's NOT about attitude and road-courteousy or the lack of them.
It's about HOW to nurture good manners on the road through... Behaviour Improvement Campaign.

The kiasu guys use Glen Campbell's song, Try A Little Kindness, to conveny the message.

Now Malaysians should prove themselves how we are... bo kiasu?

Sunday, January 19, 2003

<font size="+1">Singapore official uses song to urge motorists to wave</font>

SINGAPORE - The government urged Singapore drivers to give each other more friendly waves as the tightly controlled city-state on Saturday launched its latest behavior improvement campaign.

In a speech that concluded with him reciting Glen Campbell's song "Try a Little Kindness", Senior Minister of State for Transport Khaw Boon Wan said he knew it was hard to be kind in this fast-paced, wealthy country known for its serious-minded work ethic.

However, Khaw said the government-backed Singapore Kindness Movement was making progress in getting the island's 4 million inhabitants to improve their social behavior.

The Kindness Movement oversees the country's frequent courtesy campaigns, which encourage people to do things like smile, flush public toilets and turn their mobile phones off during movies.

"The movement's mission - to inspire graciousness through spontaneous acts of kindness, making life more pleasant for everyone - is straightforward enough. But it is not easy,'' Khaw said at the opening of a seminar promoting kindness on the road.

"Simple acts, like a give-way signal from a motorist or a wave to a fellow driver make for a more pleasant commuting experience,'' said Khaw.

Critics have denounced Singapore's numerous campaigns as Orwellian and condescending toward citizens.

On The Net: Singapore Kindness Movement http://www.singaporekindness.org.sg/ - AP


19-01-2003, 10:10 PM
I'm quite surprised at the caring attitude of Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail. I think he should have a look at the situation in USJ areas as well.

After so many years, only one pedestrian bridge has been completed linking the USJ 4 to a school in USJ 5.

And with the recently upgraded roads arond USJ areas from 2 lanes to 3 lanes, USJ need more pedestrian bridge than ever. Not to mention the much needed one at Summit USJ.

And where is the outdoor signage company that are supposed to construct the bridges ? They have been given the rights to put up ads board in SJ/USJ area in return for constructing pedestrian bridges. Everyday ads board keeps increasing everywhere in around SJ/USJ but where is the promised bridges ???

21-01-2003, 02:09 PM
It amazes me, we Malaysians. We ask for pedestrian bridges, but rarely use them when it's built. Look at the one in front of Carrefour Subang Jaya. It's so built that we can walk straight into Carrefour. But most of the time I see people still want to cross the road below the pedestrian bridge. Why? Just to save a few minutes worth of effort to climb the stairs of the bridge? Idiots, I'd say. I won't feel sorry if one of them get knocked down by a car or a bus. I even came across school kids who won't use the bridge linking USJ 5 to the school in USJ 3, near the Shell/Petronas station. And the bridge was built right in front of the school.

We can ask for the best, high-tech air-conditioned brigde if we want to. But still people won't use it.

21-01-2003, 04:47 PM
JoeJaffar is right! Despite all the bridges, people will never use them. It's got a lot to do with the level of education (education in in its broadest sense).

Parents don't use bridges and therefore their children will not use bridges. In Taipan, parents park indiscrimanately and oblivious to the frustration of other law-abidding drivers. Imagine, once their children grow-up - what would they would be doing?

Another grouse: Motorists often beat the red traffic light when turning into USJ 4, near the Shell station. Why can't they wait for the light to turn green?

Often we blame the authorities (I agree their faults are many) but what about the wanton abuse and disregard for traffic rules and basic road courtesy by road users themselves. How do we check this menance?

21-01-2003, 05:16 PM
but at least the municipal should provide what should have been provided long time ago. and if these still don't use it and get knock down while crossing the road, then serve them right!

what about the majority of law abiding citizens ? just because there are few risk takers who don't use the pedestrian bridge provided, that doesn't means the other law abiding citizens have to do the same unless of course there isn't any pedestrian bridgein the first place.

well another reason why some people don't use the pedestrian bridge is due to the location of the pedestrian bridge. For instance the pedestrian bridge at Carrefour, do you know that right below the pedestrian bridge is a T junction complete with traffic lights system ? It is safer as well if ones were to cross a road at a traffic light junction. Until now I still don't get it why there is a need to build a pedestrian bridge there ? The pedestrian bridge should have been build on some othere badly needed areas in SJ/USJ instead.

And the pedestrian bridge near (not so near) Sunway Pyramid is located more than 300 meters away!

Just came seem to understand these MPSJ town planners.........

21-01-2003, 05:23 PM
I'm not saying that we shouldn't build pedestrian bridges because of the few who won't be using it. It's just that some Malaysians have the habit of asking for things to be done, but they themselves are not helping things along. Morning traffic jams at the roundabout, blocking junctions, double/triple parking, jaywalkers.. all these are because of habits and attitudes.. plus our own kiasumism.. While we ask for all these facilities, we must also ensure that we play our part in providing the solutions.

21-01-2003, 08:13 PM
Perhaps, they should increase the speed limit of FH and start educating drivers NOT to ROAD HOG!

Try this one day, drive fast, overtake cars, dont be surprise when u see one car road hogging in front which cause the jam 1km long...

Yesterday, it took me 1 1/2 hrs to reach office. Heck it, I am taking KTM Komuter tomorrow.!

21-01-2003, 10:07 PM
The police has enthusiasm lasting three minutes only. They talked about stopping the cars that ply on the emergency lane, and make them wait until the traffic congestion is no longer there. Have they carried out any operations (besides its impracticability)?? I think instead of positioning traffic to direct traffic, it's better to deploy such personnel to be stationed along strategic points at the FH to sermon traffic offenders. There must be sufficient personnel; otherwise as soon as an offending driver passes the single police point, he resumes his ghostly behavior.

24-01-2003, 02:22 PM
1) The 2 U-turns between SS14 and SS18 along Jalan Jengka are now confusing to users (or just plain convenient to the ignorant). Where there used to be a clear NO-U-TURN signboard, it's now empty, so cars coming from the roundabout just u-turn at the nearest one (previously it was the one further down the road). Will the people who have widened the road now place the appropriate sign boards to ensure smooth flow of traffic and less frustration for the road users?

2) I notice that the traffic jams on the Jengka roundabout happen only inside the roundabout. The main contributor is actually grid-lock. Imagine the situation where cars are coming from opposite arms of the roundabout and wish to make 3-o-clock turns respectively. If the number of cars is sufficiently large, and if they entered the roundabout at roughly the same time, we will begin to see how grid-lock can occur. Multiply this by a factor of 4 when we add in 2 more arms and we will begin to see the reason why roundabouts cannot function for the human society. Reason: humans are individuals, not collective beings. Thus they will do anything to their own advantage.

One solution would be to stop entering the roundabout the moment it starts to clog up, and only enter when the roundabout is a bit clear.

3) Double parking.. true, this is a necessity nowadays especially in SS15 and Taipan. What I'm saying now isn't to stop double parking, but rather to double park intelligently. Many a times I have seen 2 cars on opposite sides of the road double parked directly opposite to each other, reducing the possible 2 lanes into just 1 lane. A better way is to stagger the double parking so that there will be effectively 2 lanes at all times (I hope someone can understand this :P)

24-01-2003, 04:34 PM
One of the solution for the traffic grid lock at a Jalan Jengka/Subang Utama roundabout is to provide U-turns at both sides of the Jalan Jengka. And the roundabout to be closed to provide smooth traffic flow for Jalan Jengka.

This idea should be workable since the drain along Jalan Jengka is very wide thus car coming out from the U-Turns will not really disrupt traffic on Jalan Jengka. 2 U-turns can be constructed above the drain, one somewhere near the SS17 police station and the other somewhere in front of the SS15 Maybank.

Traffics coming from Subang Parade on Jalan Jengka and intend to go to SS19 need to take a left turn at the existing roundabout and make u-turn (in front of Maybank) in order to be on the other side of Jalan Subang Utama/NPE heading toward SS19.

The same goes to traffics coming from SS14/SS18 on Jalan Jengka and heading for Sunway, they have to take a left turn as well and head for the U-turn in front of the SS17 police station.

I have seen these kind of solution at major junctions in Bangkok City. But they are much luckier cos the u-turn is an elevated ramp thus disruption to traffic on the main road is almost non existant.

Please refer to the map.c:\tmp

24-01-2003, 04:48 PM
oops...here is the map

24-01-2003, 04:58 PM
interesting solution. caution will have to be placed for traffic coming down from the NPE flyover from Sunway, usually these are high-speed traffic, so the u-turn mentioned needs to be protected from this high-speed traffic. yes, i can see how this can alleviate the traffic situation.

on a side note, i was wondering if there exist any simulation program that can simulate traffic patterns on the roads before any system is introduced (traffic light, roundabout, flyover, etc.) it would be interesting and beneficial for new town planners, such as putrajaya/cyberjaya, or any township that is undergoing modernization.

24-01-2003, 05:23 PM

yes, I'm aware of the high speed traffic coming down from the NPE flyover. But since the drain along the Jalan Subang Utama is wide enough to accomodate an extra one or two more lanes without eating into the existing lanes, thus the disruption to traffic on the NPE will be almost non existing.

Actually this concept can be applied to solve the traffic congestion on the KESAS/SUMMIT junction as well. But of course in this case the U-turn have to be an elevated ramp which might be costly but worth taking. Therefore MPSJ have to arm twist with KESAS on who should bear the cost.

yes there are simulation programs in the market for town planners to assess traffic patterns in a town. but I'm not sure whether MPSJ has these or not.

28-01-2003, 09:27 AM
Somebody pointed this out to me, a Hotline enquiry to The Malay Mail January 22, available only in print. Many thanks.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

<font size="+1">Traffic light turns red too fast</font>

TOM from Subang Jaya is frustrated with the traffic congestion that he takes everyday.

"One of the main problem areas is the traffic light near the Shell station at SS18.

"The queue is always long and the green light turns red quickly," he says.

What with schools located nearby, the traffic is terrible and at times, Tom claims he has to wait 15 minutes to half an hour just to make a right turn.

"Can the council do something about it like adjusting the timing of the traffic lights so that more vehicles can go through?" he asks.

SUBANG JAYA Municipal Council (MPSJ) deputy president Arpah Abdul Razak says that if traffic lights are re-adjusted, motorists from SS19 will be the one complaining.

"Residents must understand that the congestion is during peak hours as there are schools and a mosque nearby," she says.

"However, we will dens our engineering department officers to check for irregularities, but the duration for the green light turning to SS18 will not be extended."

28-01-2003, 01:26 PM
The traffic light timing never response to changes in traffic volume on demand as everyone would like to . Therefore it will be nasty jams every now and then . Unless those involve are serious in ensuring that these traffic lights are of the INTELLIGENT types .Where are all these INTELLIGENT authorities are .Are'nt they do something about it ?

29-01-2003, 10:29 AM
The so-called "intelligent" traffic lights are dependent on sensing cars rolling over the sensor wires laid near the traffic light junctions.

Once the lights turn green, traffic should continually pass the sensor wires at a rate within a predetermined flow rate. If you get a car that is slow to react to the flow, ie driving slowly and leaving a large gap between itself and the car that has gone ahead, the sensor will "think" that the traffic has cleared and thus proceed to change to red. Many a times, I have seen slow drivers causing the lights to change back to red because they were either too slow on the take off, or they were totally ignorant of the need to maintain a constant flow rate to keep the green-flow activated.

Moral of the story? "Intelligent" traffic lights need "intelligent" drivers on the road. Next time you find the lights changing too fast, check to see if it could be caused by a slow-poke Sunday driver who did not move fast enough to activate the sensor wires.

04-02-2003, 10:48 PM
You have a point there . But intelligent light also means that it should be as idiot proof as possible to any known variable that can affect the desired result .If it doesn't respond to a sunday slow-poke then it should be call otherwise.

05-02-2003, 09:44 AM
Intelligent traffic lights can be set in many configurations depending on the traffic pattern on a particular day. For instance, traffic pattern on weekend will defer from that on weekday. So, different algorithms can be implemented for both situations.

In addition, intelligent traffic lights have 2 systems running: the Intelligent system, and the time-based system. In the event that traffic is low enough, the intelligent system will dominate. But if the traffic is high such that the volume of vehicles coming from one arm of the junction is non-stop, then the light will still turn red once the timer kicks in.

Intelligent traffic light in-action can be seen at the DHL junction in Cyberjaya.

Anyway it all boils down to the drivers' attitude, if they don't stop when the traffic light turns yellow, or if they cram up the yellow-box of a junction and cause all other arms to come to a standstill, then it's not really the traffic light's fault now is it?

Advanced driver education is still a necessity!

06-02-2003, 01:41 PM
USJ do have some intelligent lights at the very begining . All seems to have fall back to fixed timing now .Seems that nobody knows how to maintain them . Guess what I saw yesterday at the summit -kesas highway junction .... they just add in the loop detector after all this while !!

01-04-2003, 06:19 PM
A good example of intelligent lights is from Armada hotel intersection from Federal, going toward Section 14, that traffic light is intelligent. Too intelligent, however, to take into account slow-moving vehicles...

01-04-2003, 08:00 PM
.........the programmer of this light is a dumb .........

01-04-2003, 11:41 PM
Some one made the same comment earlier - it's about attitude - and I totally agree. We don't have to be Americans, or Europeans, just plain & good old fashioned Malaysians with a caring attitude.

Now that this is proven not to work (eg. blocking traffic even on a yellow box) - I recommend a VERY tough stance on high traffic fines - no kopi money - just issue the summons. It may take a long time, but this is for the better.

Let's fix the fundamentals - attitude of road users, MPSJ civil servants....

All of us (that have kids) teach our kids to have and show patience; "please queue", "please wait until people leave the lift before rushing in", please this and that... then our kids witness the "madness on our streets".

We all have seen drivers in our residential area driving into "no entry" lanes, parking at the entrance of the damn "one way" street entrance every night over at Taipan (in front of McD) to pick up their eager and always absorbing knowledge kids from tution (i believe - have no clue)

I can go on, but enough is enough. Please just fine all traffic offenders (large fines - okay let's settle for fines calculated based on price of cars.. hehehe)


02-04-2003, 05:01 PM
heh.. it's true, if people see no-u-turn sign, they'll u-turn... no entry sign.. will enter..

reverse psychology kar this one??

02-04-2003, 06:01 PM
this is something leetickseng said earlier:

Forget about roundabouts and traffics lights. I suggest improving existing public transport systems rather than wasting more $$$ on projects. As you can see, we'd spent so much on highways, expressways and freeways and yet we are still stuck in daily jams. Most of the time these ways are built at the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact we see more tolls than nasi lemak stalls. Just look at bigger cities around the world like Washington, Tokyo, Melbourne etc and you'll hardly find any jams. They've been enjoying their more reliable and efficient public transport system for decades. And here we are not sure what to do. I don't think it's easy to change people's attitude either. They are what they are.

fantastic words of wisdom. i couldn't agree with you more lee, i've lived abroad for years and i must say malaysian public transportation is Disgusting.

i am a firm believer in good public transport, for one you cut down the polution, the traffic congestion, you make it easier for ppl to move about and not have to spend money on a car.

but you know, come to think of it... there isn't much 'money' in public transport, as much as building new roads and coming up with new roundabouts, traffic lights, etc.

a source inside MPSJ told me that those small roundabout things that serve no purpose in taipan cost RM10,000 each. unbelievable... for a small job. no two guesses how many middle men were involved.

on the tolls bit, yes... we have too many tolls. in england there are no tolls because the highways are considered public property, and taxes can cover it.

and as for existing tolls, some of them have been around for years... such as those along the karak highway. i do think they made back the costs ages ago. management does not cost *that much*. where's all the money going?

simontan also mentioned something important on attitude and 'kopi money'. yes, that should absolutely stop dead at it's tracks. i must say the new IGP is making some good improvements in shaking up the PDRM, but it's going to take a lot more to have the public gain confidence. i applaud the strict approach the singapore police take, and that is something we should have at home.

i say we give leetickseng khir toyo's job, simontan can be his assistant :D


03-04-2003, 08:36 AM

you can keep talking about improving the public transport system in Klang valley till the cow come home.

it's been 10 yrs since they removed the minibus from the road and promised the moon to the public.

and what we got now is a totally screwed up 'disintegrated' public transport system.

an efficient and fully integrated public transport system in malaysia will come with a price, that is downfall of proton.

03-04-2003, 02:37 PM
jericho said:


you can keep talking about improving the public transport system in Klang valley till the cow come home.

show me that cow, and i'll bring that her home myself if i have to.

i don't think the people have made a big a deal about the transport as we should. there have been things malaysians have successfully campaigned on, but this is one of them that we've stayed quiet and 'lived with' for quite a while.

leetickseng's suggestion is spot on target. i think it's a matter of getting our voices heard, and getting it through.