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07-01-2003, 01:56 AM
Hi all,

There was a bad traffic jam around the radius of SS15 on Monday noon & evening Jan. 6, 2003 ! There were policemen cordoning off the roundabouts which caused a major backlog !

Why did they block the roundabout in such a manner ?? New strategy to prevent/reduce traffic congestion ?!


07-01-2003, 06:14 AM
One wrong turn, and I was screwed!

Time: 6.40pm: Exiting from the Subang Tollgate, traffic piled up till the old KFC entrance. Backflow was really bad.

Seeing it 'was' clear on the left, I turned to the Subang Parade way, wanting to enter Jalan Jengka insteading heading straight towards USJ16 via Persiaran Tujuan.

Got stuck in front of the Petaling Land Office.

7.20pm: Finally hit into Jalan Jengka, traffic police (or MPSJ enforcement officers?) blocked cars from taking the 12-o'clock and 3 o'clock turns and directed traffic into NPE. More jam at the Metropolitan roundabout.

I took thge NPE, headed towards Sunway Pyramid (very smooth), made a u-turn before the Caltex stattaion, hit back NPE towards Jengka roundabout. Took me 10 minutes.

The traffic warden had re-opened the roundabout traffic! Got stucked again, back to square one.

When I finally meandered into Persiaran Tujuan via the BP station, the traffic was clear all the way.

Then my Better Half came through the cellphone. She took the same wrong turn and wrong route via Sunway and Jalan Lagun Barat, got stucked in front of ABB, then Summit.

By then, it was 8.10pm. Both of us realised we have burned a total of three hours trying to get home.

This is madness.

07-01-2003, 08:31 AM
I was opposite Sunway Pyramid yesterday evening, decided to go to Federal Highway instead and took the first turn into Subang Jaya.

It was even congested in front of SJMC spilling till the front of Carrefour Subang. Managed to go against traffic heading towards Subang Parade and turn off back home into SS19.


07-01-2003, 09:02 AM
what the hell happened la? experimenting with new traffic flow? they should know by directing traffic from 1 roundabout to another will NOT solve the problem what... and i actually saw police officer directing traffic with machine gun? hanh?


07-01-2003, 10:07 AM
Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Metro Mail
<font size="+1">Raise road safety in Subang Jaya</font>

THERE have been cases of motorists crashing at the roundabout in Jalan Jengka/ Jalan Subang Utama, Subang Jaya.

Maybe it is because they didnít expect to see one so close after coming down the flyover from Sunway.

There are only four small signboards to indicate a roundabout ahead.

These small signboards were originally made for use on a two-lane road.

The signboards should be made more visible to suit the wider roads.

This includes making the signboards larger and placing them at strategic points.

At present, some motorists are speeding on this stretch (Sunway/ Jalan Subang Utama).

Inevitably, a few of them were caught by surprise on seeing the roundabout, but it would be too late to brake and they ended up crashing into the roundabout.

Still on road safety, there is a dangerous spot in Jalan SS14/1, at the road bend next to where the Esso petrol station used to be.

Often, there will be a vehicle that cuts into Jalan SS14/1 from Sunway/Jalan Subang Utama rather suddenly at an unbelievable speed to get into SS14.

There have been many near misses and a few accidents at the spot.

It became more difficult to drive in the area when people started parking their cars indiscriminately, usually around the perimeter of the former Esso petrol station premises which will be taken over by a tyre service centre.

The structures at the premises also obstruct the view of motorists.

MPSJ had told Subang Jaya residents many times that there would be no more car workshops, tyre and air-conditioning service centres in SS15 and Taipan by the end of last year.

The existing ones should relocate their businesses to the light industrial area.

Subang Jaya.


07-01-2003, 11:49 AM

So sorry to hear your story.

I have stopped from using the NKVE for a while and only coming back to Subang using LDP and FH. Find it easier this way.

And man, I was caught in a surprise last night when I get to Subang! The queue was all the way to the overhead bridge leading from FH to NKVE, and I can only see nothing but cars all the way down towards Batu Tiga. Even the usually free road in front of Carrefour and Subang Parade was packed up to SJMC. I am still glad that I took LDP and FH last night.:D

Later on I was told that this madness started since 3.00 pm and no one knows what was the reason.

Seems that all the 3 lanes road are well prepared as the MPSJ knows this day is coming way before hand. At least you felt that the road can "parked" more cars and you felt that you are moving ....:(

07-01-2003, 11:54 AM
Would it help if they stop allowing vehicles from making U-turns at the Summit junction. (and for that matter all junctions where there is constant traffic congestion). It takes longer for a vehicle to make a u-turn than to turn right.

Presently cars coming out from Summit force their way to the right in order to make the turn and in the process disrupt the smooth flow of traffic, along an already congested intersection. Precious seconds are wasted for both these manoeuvres.

I was wondering if putting up a No U-Turn sign needs to be brought up to the MB yet again?

It's time we look for solutions instead of just complaining

07-01-2003, 01:11 PM
I'm glad I was on leave on Monday !

07-01-2003, 04:53 PM
I was also on leave, no babysitter for my son :)

But what time did this happened? I went to ss15 around 5-5.15 and giant usj 1 about 5.30. I did notice that the traffic was quite different yesterday. The Metropolitan roundabout was causing a bad jam, with traffic backlogged towards Sunway Pyramid. This never happened previously. Had to make the u-turn at the NPE before Pyramid, then slip thru the ss13 flats to get to Giant.