View Full Version : Tribute & terima Kasih to Theresa

07-07-2010, 05:15 PM
Mdm Theresa Ratnam Thong had served as JKP chairperson and Zone1 Councillor for the last term. She had not been reappointed for reasons known only to the selection committee headed by Ronnie lui of the state gomen. :mad:

Mdm Theresa had done many changes and good for the community. What she did in just 2 years was more than what that myhandaretied fella and his lackey in charge of ss17, for the past donkey years!

For Mdm Theresa good work, on behalf of those in SS17 and 19, we wish the very BEST and Terima kasih for your past selfless work.

All the best,and God Bless you and Mr. T too.
keith Khoo

p./s this fiery yet modest lady is so str8, that she would even accept a simple dinner from me in Zinglicious! :o