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24-05-2010, 09:25 AM
Govt holding open day to get feedback on removing subsidies

Last week i received an sms asking me to input feedback for subsidy issues. Now thestar are showing us statistic that Msian is consuming more fuel. Did they think the rakyat purposely use a lot? I alone have to spend average of RM4,000 of petrol and RM7,000 of car depreciation & maintenance. I am not happy with this too but where is the public transport when i need it. :mad:

24-05-2010, 09:46 AM
Whatever it is ... nothing will happen until after GE13 - the BN Govt will bankrupt the country first before losing their grip on power .... :( :mad:

24-05-2010, 09:49 AM
WE are ALL to be blamed ...so reads the gomen papers. We used too much fuel.

What about the damn blatant smuggling of diesel (THAT I, u, we subsidised!) up north? That cost the Rakyak $$Billion$!

For1, I say DO away with ALL subsidies on petrol & diesel and cash REBATE the legit motorists via lower tax, car & part prices.

Another wayang kulit as far as i can see. :mad: :mad: Like the Rakyak no nid to work & all so damn free this Thursday 9am-2pm to take a no-existance public transport or expensive LRT or drive & park in klcc! :mad:

3 long hours are all that r needed for our smarty econ planners to weigh the Rakyaks suggestions, in triggering a policy change, thus avoiding a Greek subsidised mentality!

Yeah, like I am Zeus! :cool:

Yang Bo-hope leow latotupai :o

24-05-2010, 09:50 AM
The gomen is softening the public for the kill. You have the msm telling all sort of stupid stories about how much the gomen is subsidising its rakyat and how it cannot carry on like this and that and they hit you with a sledge hammer when they impose the gst and withdraw the subsidies. As far as income tax is concerned they have squeezeed all they can and they cannot lower the barrier cos there will be a big outcry from all those who are not paying taxes and you know who they are. To cast a wider net they have to go for this gst and withdrawal of subsidy thing so practically everyone is screwed. They go around saying that if you dont buy then you dont have to pay taxes but its as good as asking people not to eat then they also dont have to pay taxes. All the wastages and corrruption issues are conveniently not mentioned and have you seen any action against the big sharks and whales . forget about the ikan bilis. Of so many charged how many are actually in jail. More often than not once it goes to court it is dismissed or they are aquitted. I tell you the rakyat is in for one hell of a ride compliments of our gamen.