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10-12-2002, 09:56 PM
I believe it was Orwell who said that "at a time of universal
deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." The writer below
is doing just that.

Unfortunately, I think it's easier educating the uneducated
Rita than educating a demagogic moron like Suhaimi.

Educating Suhaimi

Khoo Kay Peng
4:20pm Mon Dec 9th, 2002

Contrary to the usual openness and tolerance in Malay politics, GPMS
(Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung) president Suhaimi Ibrahim has joined
two other Umno politicians, Ibrahim Ali and Dr Adham Baba, in displaying a
total ignorance of inter-ethnic relations and dynamics. This is further
aggravated by their inherent lack of understanding on the reasons most
Chinese and Indian parents prefer to send their children to vernacular
schools vis-C -vis national schools.

In a contradictory statement made in response to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir
Mohamadbs remark that national schools are no longer the popular choice among
parents, Suhaimi displayed an encouraging understanding on why Muslim parents
prefer religious schools, but made a most notorious and extremist remark on
Chinese and Indian parentsb decision to send their children to vernacular

Suhaimi claimed that national type schools are allowed in order to serve the
needs and demands of communal (both Chinese and Indian) extremists. His
statement is a direct insult to both national type school stakeholders of
whom he termed as communal extremists and they include:

Administrators, educationists, linguists, academicians and teachers of
national type schools;

Sponsors and donors of national type schools;

Textbook writers, producers, printers and others of national type schools;

Parents of students in national type schools (including many past and present
Barisan Nasional and Opposition leaders);

Students of national type schools (past and present)

Is Suhaimi implying that the choice to be educated in onebs mother tongue is
an act of extremism? If such is his stand, then there should not be an
exception to anyone who wishes to be educated in onebs own mother tongue. Any
exception here will only reflect badly upon Suhaimi as having a hidden agenda
to play up communal politics for his own mileage and ambition.

To reclaim the glory of national schools, a thorough study must be carried
out to establish factual evidence of the decline in popularity and perhaps
quality of education vis-C -vis vernacular schools, in particular the Chinese

Parents in general would want the best for their children, and their choice
is motivated by several factors which include quality and dedication of
teachers, facilities, and collaboration between parents and teachers to
create a good learning environment.

Past students of both Tamil and Chinese vernacular schools have contributed
greatly to our national development and progress. These schools have also
created outstanding leaders and intellectuals such as Dr Koh Tsu Koon.