View Full Version : Robberies and Flasher @Taman Perindustrian UEP a.k.a Taman Traffic Lights

Peter Lim
24-03-2010, 04:56 PM
To All Taman Perindustrian UEP house owners,

There has been a spate of house break-ins lately. the current one is 3 doors down my house at 12.30pm(this afternoon) TP 1/7 don't think they managed to get in but was told it's 2 chinese characters. Last week my front neighbour, the theif manage to climb from the back of the house(he manage to hang on to the gutter and removed a couple of tiles to get in. He took a laptop and a couple of hundred ringgit.
Please be aware and look out for each other. Just call the POLICE!

The other matter is there's a flasher on a black bicycle riding around this housing estate (TP1/4 - TP1/8). He starts his modus operandi is when school finishes around 1.30pm.He was seen by my daughter and some friends walking home, when iwas told about it i called Sgt.Thanabalan of Taipan Police station to send a patrol car to investigate(not sure if a patrol car was dispatched).He looks like a foreigner (from India) has a crew cut, not that dark complexion and slightly thin. Last seen was 2 days ago (same time around 1.30-1.45pm), called Insp. Loi to send a patrol car to see if they are able to nab him. Patrol car was seen 15minutes later(Thanks to Insp. Loi for his fast action)

I would like to say this to all TP house owners or has kids walking back from school, if you see a guy with this description please call the police to investigate before some innocent child gets traumatised!!!