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17-11-2002, 04:00 PM
<font size="+1">Reader <i>Latha</i> (Email: <a href="mailto:ahtal68@yahoo.com">ahtal68@yahoo.com</a>) writes about her narrow escape from a "premeditated" accident...</font>

To: edteam@usj.com.my
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 10:01:53 -0800 (PST)


I received this from a friend of mine. Please forward as necessary.



For sharing. Do take care. To all dear friends, Just to share with everyone for our own learning.

As we are aware, there are a lot of incidents and stories about "planned accident". I have read many stories and reminders, which have been shared by some of you.

Today, at about 9:15 am while I was driving to a client's premise, similar thing happened to me. I was at a traffic light somewhere near <b>Section 20, Shah Alam</b>.

The light went red, so I stopped; my car was the first one in line. AT the same time, I was on the phone (handsfree), when I felt something hit my car.

Looked into the rear view mirror and I saw a white Proton behind my car. I contemplated whether to inspect my car or not, but decided to take a peek since the light was still red.

Switch off the ignition and took the car key with me.

As soon as I stepped out, I saw 4 Indian guys in the white Proton saga; not at all concern with their action. I was so nervous and my instinct took over. I saw the 2 guys who sat at the rear passenger seats started to open their door and get out.

The moment I saw that, I immediately went back into my car, locked the door and drove off.

The guys realizing that I went off, also sped off and I managed to get their plate number.

I was ready to go to the police station should these guys went after me, luckily, they went away.

I do not know whether it was really an accident or a trap, but I am really glad that I did what I did.

Looking back, when accident happened, most of the time, drivers are normally the first one who got out and inspect the damage done, but in this case, the driver remained seated and had no intention to go out at all, instead the 2 seated at the back.

Just in case for your information, the plate number of the white Proton Saga is <font color="red">ADK 5806</font>.

I was a bit shaken not with the accident, but the sight of these 4 guys and suspected intention.

To all who have been sharing stories and reminders, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sharing has saved me from potential harm!

Please take care and let's pray for one another.

Selamat Berpuasa.

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25-11-2002, 09:17 PM
<font size="+1">Reader SLN (Name and email withheld by The EdTeam) writes in response to an earlier alert by Latha:</font>

To: edteam@usj.com.my
Subject: premeditated accident
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 00:29:58 +0800

Referring to the email from Latha, Subject: BE CAUTIOUS AND TRUST YOUR INSTINCT.

I wish to relate to you an incident 2 years ago along Persiaran Tujuan as I was turning into USJ2 after coming down the bridge over Kesas Highway from SS19. It was around 3am.

A very fast Satria swerved in front of me and suddenly I felt an impact on my car's rear. My car skidded and turned 360 degrees. I was hit from the rear by a Proton Wira which suffered quite a bad damage. It became quite suspicious when the same Satria came along later and the driver asked me to be calm. He turned out to represent a workshop in Subang Jaya. He also turned out to be a friend of the driver who crashed into me. Later more people appeared, all knew each other. In the confusion, the driver of the Satria made me sign a receipt and arranged for my car to be towed to his workshop. He also arranged to send me home.

The next morning, I went to the Shah Alam police station to make a report. The driver of the Satria was there. I wanted to send my car to my insurance agent's panel workshop and offered to pay him for the towing charges. This is when he got very aggressive. To my surprise, the police sargeant appeared to be siding him. After a series of argument, we agreed on a sum of RM500 for the towing charges.

The whole episode was extremely unpleasant and seemed to be such a "convenient" coincidence that everyone else involved, including the police sargeant was very familiar with each other. The driver of the Wira who crashed into me was apparently a spare parts supplier to the workshop the Satria driver represented. Another strange thing was that the station's computer recorded that the Wira driver made his report at about 4pm. While I was in the station between 11am and 5pm, negotiating with all the mentioned parties, I never noticed him at all.

For your information, the workshop was called Subang Bintang and they are located in USJ.