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15-11-2002, 09:28 AM
Friday, November 15, 2002

Metro Mail
<font size="+1">Build pedestrian bridges in Subang Jaya, USJ</font>

The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) recently announced the estimated revenue for the year 2003 which is RM150mil.

With that I gather MPSJ will be able to allot funds for constructing pedestrian bridges at strategic places in USJ and Subang Jaya which have been put off for years now.

The residents, schoolchildren and others have risked their lives running across six lanes of certain roads in the area.

All we residents ask for is that 2% of the estimated revenue, i.e. RM3mil be allocated to construct three bridges two in Persiaran Tujuan at SS18/SS19 and USJ4/USJ5 and another in Persiaran Kewajipan near The Summit, where pedestrian bridges are required.

Furthermore, the stretch along Persiaran Tujuan from traffic light J8 to J10 (from Subang Jaya towards USJ) should be widened to four lanes.

This is because currently, one lane is for traffic turning right into 19/6 which leaves only two lanes free for the others.

Every evening during peak hours, the bottleneck causes the jam as far back as the Federal Highway/Subang Airport turnoff.

The authorities need to fell six trees and remove 30 flowers pots. The drains have to be covered so that this 200m-stretch can be widen.

A small walkway have to be constructed for the many pedestrians (especially schoolchildren).

In the meantime, the traffic lights J8 and J9 have to have the same timing and with longer green-time.

After school hours, the timing of J8 at the pedestrian crossing should have a shorter green-time to allow a smooth flow of traffic especially in the evenings.

Subang Jaya.


15-11-2002, 11:47 AM
A lot of letters had been published on the news media about the needs of pedestrian bridges in SJ/USJ areas. But until now MPSJ just keep mum over it. No one knows the reason behind it.

Instead MPSJ decided to widen up all the road around SJ/USJ areas without much thought for the poor pedestrians safety.

But one thing for sure, there seems to be some hanky panky deal between MPSJ and an outdoor advertising company that are supposed to builds pedestrian bridges under MPSJ area. If I'm not mistaken, MPSJ and the outdoor advertising company signed a new contract not long ago eventhough the outdoor advertising company fails to fulfill its obligation under the old contract.

Mind MPSJ tell us the justification of awarding a new contract to a company that breached an old contract it has signed with MPSJ. Don't MPSJ ever learned ?