View Full Version : New Year Joke!

01-01-2010, 11:23 PM
MACC lodges report against Pornthip


:D :D :D :D :D :D

02-01-2010, 12:32 AM
hmmmm.....first day of the year and we already have the winner for the jokes of the year award?! :p

so looks like someone has started the ball rolling to disqualify her.........

02-01-2010, 12:53 AM
yeah, someone seems to be desperate to disqualify her ... and prevent her from testifying? :eek:

02-01-2010, 06:09 PM
MACC the Joker? How pathetic can our Govt be?

02-01-2010, 06:17 PM
MACC the Joker? How pathetic can our Govt be?

Correction, some people who work for the gov or their agencies. The rest of the gov won't let you have any jokes especially when goods prices are inflating, see how long you can laugh?.

03-01-2010, 04:28 PM
The Gomen will protect and safegaurd the interest of Macc to the last drop of blood, this case will be thrown out.

There are not many brave judges like Lau Bee Lan around.

We will never find out the truth?

What so happy about 2010? there are so many other scandalous unsolve cases still pending!