View Full Version : Indonesian Passport Renewal - No Photos From Applicant.

16-12-2009, 05:48 PM
Just renewed the maid's passport.

A new procedure is; there is no need
for applicants to submit the maid photos.

All photos must be taken within the embassy
in digital form. Just like mykad.
Do not ask your maid to wear red as they use
a red background for the photo.
It is free of charge.

I was not aware of this new procedure and
paid the photo studio for 4 copies.
I think the photo studio would have known about
this and just kept quiet when i ordered the photos.

The other procedures are the same as the previous thread (http://www.usj.com.my/bulletin/upload/showthread.php?t=14265&page=1&pp=15&highlight=maid) on this subject.

To assist employers and maid to fill the form., the Indonesian embassy should
post sample filled-forms on their site. (not sure they have it or not)
You will see a lot of employers and maid got blur when they look at the form which cause unnecessary delays.
If we download the forms, better still.

The last time, i was there, their compound was like a fish market.
Now the place is air-conditioned with a nice canteen upstairs and applicants are given queue numbers.