View Full Version : Another Car Breakin at USJ23 on Tuesday 15/12/2009 in the morning

15-12-2009, 01:07 PM
Dear Residents

Further to my Crime report yesterday, of Car Break-ins in both USJ23 and USJ26/3.

A car parked along the fencing at USJ23/5B / USJ23/5 had it's driver's window smashed and the DVD Player and Smart Tag stolen early this morning, Tuesday 15/12/2009. The robbers gain access into USJ23 by cutting the fencing near the TNB Sub-station, this was exactly what they did the morning before (by the way the fencing was immediately repaired yesterday after the report of the 1st car breakin). The victim has since made a Polis Report at Balai Polis Putra Heights.

I understand that there were 7 other cases of Car break-ins in the Putra Heights area. It was also reported that the Proton Waja that the robbers used yesterday was spotted and vehicle number noted, however upon checking the number was found to belong to a motorcycle.

Just be mindful that these robbers are actually watching the Guards and taking note of their patrolling timing and they will move to other areas in USJ once we have tightened up the security in this Southern part of USJ with the Polis.

I need to keep repeating to residents that even if you are staying in a Guarded Neighbourhood Watch Community, please take all necessary additional precautions in securing your belongings especially during the year end, help in the prevention of Crime.