View Full Version : 2 Car Breakin at USJ23 & USJ26 on Monday 14/12/2009 around 5.00am

15-12-2009, 01:05 PM
Dear Residents

There was a Car breakin along USJ23/5C this morning (Please be aware that USJ23 is a Neighbourhood Watch Community guards patrol the area regularly)

The victim's car was parked outside the front gate of the house. The window on the driver's side was smashed. Some coins and the ashtray were taken, probably the thief was frightened off when the alarm went off and did not have time to steal anything else.

The victim has since made a Polis report.

It was also reported that there was a car breakin in USJ26 (also another NWC) very early this morning, guards noticed the front driver's window broken and alerted the owner. The owner indicated that he would prefer to investigate the matter later. The Polis were seen later in the morning investigating the matter.

Whilst you maybe staying in a guarded Neighbourhood Watch Community, please ensure that you take all necessary safety precautions, do not become the next victim. Report your suspicions and suspicious people to the Polis.


28-12-2009, 11:24 AM
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Subject: SJ Alert EMS 4 cases of Car Break-in at USJ23 since 14/12/2009

Dear Residents

Further to the 2 reported cases of Car Break-ins on 14/12/2009 and 15/12/2009 at USJ23, another 2 cars were broken into on 17/12/2009.

Whilst I was walking around the USJ23/5 area this evening (17/12/2009) around 9.30pm to survey our perimeter fencing, I noticed that a Nissan Van parked along the USJ23/5B fencing had the driver's window broken. Our guards were called and the owner was informed and even though nothing was taken from the van I have informed the resident to make a Police Report. I had a very suspicious feeling that the thieves were still somewhere nearby the area.

It was also during this time that I was informed by yet another of our resident that their Suzuki
Jeep was broken into and the CD Player stolen earlier in the morning. The car was also parked along the fencing facing the Petronas Gas Pipeline near USJ23/5B and even though the resident had a really big family (mostly males) and also a few fierce dogs housed near where the car was parked the theft still occurred. So for obvious reasons the incident was not reported to me or the Police earlier in the morning.

What I have found is that both the Cars broken into did not even have a basic Alarm System, making it so much easier for the thieves to break and remove. I also found a gap in the perimeter fencing which was created when the fencing was forcefully lifted to gain entry.

I can safely conclude that having a big family and even fierce dogs is no guarantee that your personal property will not get stolen, desperate thieves will find ways.

Do not only awake when crime happens directly to you or your family, sometimes it could be just too little too late.