View Full Version : Goody! in ss17

14-12-2009, 10:04 PM
yup...our little playground is consistently tho not 100% 'maintained' but its acceptable. We now have 2 bright spotlights, trimmed trees, rubbish bins and git tis! A paved walking course in the making! Yabadabadoo!

Plus rumours of a new children swings, see-saw and things toyRus are hofully iin the pipeline! YIPPEEE!

4years of chasing the various ADUNs, MPSJ, JKP bosses, and we got them all! HURRAY!

So, guys, dont give up...ask, ask, ask, ask and ask again. :D

Yang Bergembira latotupai

p/s did i tell ya that rubbish, branches, etc are also routinely collected? Roads are swept? Grassy shoulders are trimmed? Damaged drain culverts are replaced? sumore new street lights? HURRAY! :D