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02-11-2009, 06:23 PM
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Subject: SJ Alert EMS Break-in at USJ2/2R Today

Dear all,

I have been added to the statistics of break-ins that take place in USJ today.

My house was broken-in when we were away in our hometown. My neighbour called us when they found my gate, front grill door and wooden door were wide open during this afternoon's heavy rainfall. They were away between 11am - 3pm and that's when they suspect the break-in took place. Our house gate & door were still closed when they left their house.

I called the police to go over to our house to check and it was confirmed that the house has been ransacked. Luckily my neighbour was kind enough to help close up the house after the police left.

We arrived this evening to find the gate in good condition. However, the grill's 'ear' (where padlock is placed) has been broken. The wooden door's lock was broken. Drawers have been ransacked. Our bedrooms were in a huge mess, especially the master bedroom. You may think that Hurricane Kathrina has just passed over. Clothes were strewn all over. Drawers turned over. My travelling wallets with different currencies in them were all gone. So was my passport! Some cash, jewellery, electrical components e.g. thumb drive, mobile hardisk, iPod nano, MP3 player ~ gone!!

I have always been very careful to ensure that my house is secured. So, I am very frustrated that I didn't manage to stop the break-in from taking place! If I had been not careful, then it would be my fault! But even when I am doing my part well, this is still happening and I am very angry and upset! I am hoping that our Gated & Guarded community can take off asap so that we can improve the security in USJ2.

Best regards,

02-11-2009, 09:42 PM
I am sorry about your losses JC. I still can't fathom the fact that this breakin happened right in bright daylight ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON! This country is really going to the dogs.... :mad: