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22-10-2009, 09:32 AM
I wish to highlight to whoever who is reading to be careful at the stretch along Jalan Perpaduan in USJ. As I guess that most of you will not know which road this is, it is the road dividing USJ 5 and USJ 11. This stretch of road has had a recent string of accidents (One each week) and it is becoming worse and worse. The particular area where all these accidents happen are at the section where many cars take the entry to USJ 11.

MPSJ has since put up signboards of no U turn but still the accidents are still happening. Obviously it is still not working! The majority of accidents which happen here is due to cars coming out from USJ 11 to get onto the opposite road which heads towards MPSJ. This is because I live very close to this U Turn and have went to help out with the accidents as some are quite bad. One recent case being a Saga's engine bay being smashed up to half its' size.

Perhaps the root of this is due to the inclining road which means those going for the turn in to USJ 11 from Jalan Perpaduan (MPSJ bound) cannot see those coming towards USJ4 bound. ALL accidents on this road happen with cars which have travelled more than 80km/h on the road (USJ 4 bound) as it is a long straight road.

I hope this highlight is good warning to all users on this road and hope that somebody will do something about this. I will attach an image of this particular Turning for all to see.

22-10-2009, 10:00 AM
Thanks for your alert...
i notice that our USJ roads is not really properly design for high traffic... means a lot of U Turns and also the traffics lights is not properly synchronize.
eg. u have a junction just after you turn into the Apollo Restaurant in USJ4... these are which is the faults which cause jams coz from cars Jln Tujuan cannot turn in to USJ 4/5, sometimes due to the cars turning out from USJ4/4 area or the shop lots area... they blocked the path...
there is a lot of this kind of junction in USJ which is dangerous...