View Full Version : House breakin along USJ4/1B on Wed 19/08/2009 at 11.30am

24-08-2009, 12:23 PM
From: Liu Kim Sooi [mailto:ksliu88@tm.net.my]
Sent: Saturday, 22 August, 2009 4:00 PM
To: SJAlert@yahoogroups.com

Dear USJ Residents,

Please be aware that even though your house is secured and protected by alarm system the house is still not safe. The robbers came in from the roof and access thru the manhole at the master bedroom. Even though the alarm have been triggered, one or two robbers went inside the house to locate the alarm control panel. Unfortunately, they could not locate it, but they manage to disable the siren unit inside the house. They also did not locate the main door and back door keys, so they have to leave abruptly from the roof.

What we see here are desperate robbers taking high risk of being caught. I was told by the police that this is now the modus operandi of robbers by accessing your house from the roof. The time of this incident was approximately 11.30am in the morning when most people has gone to work.

So please careful if your alarm system goes off, do not enter your house immediately otherwise you may find the robbers still inside.

Yours faithfully,
Lawrence Liu


Dear USJ Residents,

The break in at USJ 4/1B happen on the 19th August, 2009 Wednesday approx. 11.30am.

Sorry for leaving out the date.

Lawrence Liu