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01-07-2009, 01:25 AM
i was with a couple venture capitalist bankers for lunch at a 5* hotel ...and over a course of a really lavishly spread 3hr buffet lunch, i concluded that VC bankers (at least the 1s buying the lunch) are young, aggressive, by-the-books kinda naive bankers.
they asked questions by the textbooks ( meaning there isn't a concrete answer kinda question) and yet demand a quantifiable and accountable answer to ROI. :confused:

MY question to the forumer...what is the koolification to be a venture capitalist in bolehland? What gift do they have to be able to pick the Teak trees in the wide expense of rain forest? would they know the diff if i put them in my pockets or mistook the blackness to be night fall?

any VC here to correct my 'misconception'? :confused:

Yang Blur sotong latotupai

01-07-2009, 01:06 PM
Basically, VC, or most of them (in MY) do not have technical experiences other than financial and if you write a very impressive Business Plan with financial figures to support your project with scenarios and financial returns. You will most likely get your seed funds. Little at a time.

Malaysian, entrepreneur are very weak in Business Plan/Financials or summary, cannot write.

I was involved is one of Malaysia Venture "game" where people submits their Business Proposal for evaluation (long time ago), I get to evaluate a few. Good plans but lousy BP. Good BP but lousy ideas. Also, the participants get to be interviewed by a panel of industrial "expert" (mostly managers sent as reps). Many of the participants does not do research deep enough thus many loop holes in their plan.....

The participants who are doing MBA have advantage than others....

But the ideas, I vetted thru were noting to be proud of... for Malaysia. Mostly, portals for this and that... and Malaysia wasnt ready for that then....Internet penetration then was low....

Back to lato question... what qualification?

A VC should have financial background, research, some technical, entrepreneurship, and sound knowledge of the "project" he/she is evaluating.