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28-06-2009, 11:52 PM

This chap's right. Politicians who serve must not expect rewards and titles, even minor ones. If they really want it they can get it when they retire at an old age and not during when they were serving, providing they they have really served well.

As it is we really have too many datuks already. Even alongs and crime bosses have them so what's so great about them? Having a title is generally meaningless, especially nowadays and it makes the bearer arrogant and self important.

I generally do not address titled persons with their title, dato/datuk and what nots. For one he certainly is not my grandfather and secondly I sure didn't give him the title. I have one customer who is a datuk and is he miffed when I just called him with a plain but respectable Mister. For sure he's not the sort of guy that you'd like to call a datuk.

Politicians who think that they have served well in the last term and think that they deserve a title or reward should make their wishes publicly known so that we may vote them out, so says one commenter.

I admire politicians who has served for the last few decades but are still a plain Mister, having rejected titles all these while. These people put their priorities right, i.e. rakyat 1st. These are the politicians worth keeping. These are true leaders.

30-06-2009, 08:10 PM
Same here. When I meet a doctor who has a datukship, I would address him or her with just the word 'Doctor" followed by their first or last names. Truly great doctors are too focused on caring for patient to think about getting titles.

Same goes for the Datuks and Dato's I know or come across. When I do utter the title it makes me feel alien like one wall talking to another wall.

01-07-2009, 01:00 AM
if u have to, address these elcheapos datos, datuks etc by their surname! unless of course, these ??? are ashamed of their own name!

elcheapos titles are certainly not a dime a dozen but hell! if u have the $$, u can be dato/datuk or even a lan seri!

Yang Bodoh latotupai :D