View Full Version : Break in along USJ12 on 20/6/09 at 2.15pm

24-06-2009, 05:35 PM
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The first incident happen approx 2 to 2.15pm when the maid was at home. The thieves ( with surgical mask broke all the locks from the main gate all the way house grill and wooden door. The maid manage to called the owner HP which in turn called the police. The maid escape by hidding and lock herself in her room and also same time used the cupboard to block the door as well. Her room door was broken but thieves could not get in.

During this suspected 10-15 mins, the thieves manage to ransack all the 3 rooms upstairs and carted away a safe, which about 100 kgs.

Imagine, it was Saturday, and after office hours and i think it is a daring attempt. During the time the owner make a report at the station there was two break in phone calls, one in USJ 12 and the other one at USJ11.