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02-06-2009, 03:26 PM
Im working at CSC Malaysia, and email been sent from HR, and i will to share this incident. Its was happen last week, and this is really make me frustrated, pls make sure you take extracare. at the same time my colleage's sister also kena snatch after she got the email.

Dear Friends,

Last week one of our friend in CSCM car were broke into during traffic jam at Jalan Dato Abu Bakar Section 16. She was on her way home after office.
This email is just to remind all female friends, to be careful not to put their handbag on the passenger's seat while driving. Two man on a motorbike smashed he window - while she was in the traffic jam. They took her handbag that she placed on the passenger seat next to her. She lost her mobile phone, money and personal documents. At the police station, there were another 2 girls had the same incident at Section 13 about the same time.

To all female drivers .. .
Please be careful while driving. Lock all your doors and never put your valuable personal belongings visible to others !!

Thank You,
Best Regards,

03-06-2009, 05:58 PM
The same thing happened to my neighbour. She had just arrived home and was still in her car (not yet come down to open the gate).

They took her laptop computer from the backseat.

She said she did not see the motorbike follow her. But when she reached the house, the motorbike overtook and stopped in front. The pillion rider had already gotten down and was behind her car.

He had a metal plate attached to his elbow and smashed her back window. She was cut in the face by the flying pieces of broken glass.

Just too shocking!

03-06-2009, 08:29 PM
Aiyoh - and they just reported that Malaysia is the 26th safest place (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/28406-malaysia-is-26th-safest-place-in-the-world) in the world. And the 3rd best in Asia - someone should tell that to the Mongolians that they are way behind bolehland in terms of safety. I guess it must be safe when they actually put one in the lock-up for our own protection - remember the reporter?! Or tell that to the mother whose daughter was allegedly raped in the police station. And the husband who lost his wife and unborn child by the snatch thief.

Yes, the gormen and our men in blue should give themselves a pat on the back- we are the 26th safest country in the world.

Mrs A Tham
15-06-2009, 06:32 PM
2 days ago, there had been snatch thief case in Skypark...
Hubby is working there and many had witnessed. A man snatched the handbag off a Saudi Woman and ran off, people gave chase but he was just too fast and sort of knew every exit there! Hubby says he was sooooo fast, mind you, no pillon rider, only with his 2 feet and inside an airport somemore!!! Wah, talk about security and being 26th safest!!! :eek: really???