View Full Version : APEX uni - now you see it, now you don't! 1300 adm. gone!

31-05-2009, 11:07 PM

It came out on sin chew, APEX university informed students to register within 2 days; When the students were at the admission department were instead told it was a mistake.

The paper stated about 1300 students were affected, 90% were Chinese!

Again, it raised the question whether we have capable people working in the public sector. Can we say we love our country if we allow this kind of inccident to take place!

02-06-2009, 12:36 AM
The paper stated about 1300 students were affected, 90% were Chinese!!

The Star said 4,500+ student were affected.

How many percent affected are Chinese (or better yet - how many NON BUMIS affected) now ? I thought there were quotas in place for ALL intakes.... :rolleyes:

Of the 3,500+ "successful" ones... is USM gonna be transparent in showing their breakdown of races... or is this APEX U gonna go APE (X) :rolleyes:

02-06-2009, 09:47 AM
The Uni didn't offer any explaination, let me take a wild guess:
The Uni was told that they have freedom to choose their students, so in order to do a good job and maintain APEX image, the Head decided to choose whoever most qualified to ensure the uni perform well.
But when the result is out there's DIVINE intervened and said,
"No, they are too many of Them. Remove Them to meet the quota! "

Now, the Head has to "eat the dead cat", all he can said is technical error which is no fault of people but machine!

Make sense?


02-06-2009, 05:38 PM
This is nothing new for the local uni, and I had the similar first hand experience more than a decade ago.

It was after my STPM, all of us has applied for their choice of local U, and during that time, they launch this new information system where you can check if you're accepted into any local U via an automated telephone answering system.

So, I dialed n check, and I was informed by the system that I was accepted by UPM Terengganu, and the course was something to do with fishery.
UPM Terengganu is not even in the list of my choices of local uni, and fishery? how the heck they offer that for me? I wasn't interested at the course they are offering me, so I just ignore it.

Weeks later, almost all of my classmate who was offered a seat in the local uni has flown to W.M'sia, and the new term has already started. While I was studying the local collage brochure one friday afternoon, a postman came and deliver a telegram to me (First time in my life to receive a telegram and see one! didn't know it even still exist!)
Upon opening the telegram, I jumped in joy as the telegram was telling me that I was offered a course in CompScience at UPM Serdang, the number 1 course on my list. The telegram clearly ask me to register myself the next day on the campus.
Mind you, Friday afternoon and ask to report for school on Sat? From Kuching to Selangor?
I called UPM admin office to double confirm my place in the uni, and the lady on the other end also confirm I had a place there.

So as you can imagine all of the hoo haas of last minute packing and booking of MAS air tickets, which cost my mom about RM500, and the next day morning, I flew to Subang airport.

Upon arriving at UPM around 12pm, I rushed to the admin office with all my luggage as I was told they closed at 1pm. The office is still open all right, but I was told the admin officer for the enrollment has gone home, and ask me to come back on Monday.

So I settle down in the hostel, highest floor on the 4th floor, a tiny room intended for 2 person but squeeze in 4 persons including me, and there's only 1 bed, and the three of us has to sleep on the floor.

Come Monday morning, I went to the admin office again, but this time they can't find my name under the Faculty of Computer, they search and search... finally they found my name, under the faculty of science, and the course they offered me was Chemistry.
I ask the ketua over there what the heck happen? as the telegram clearly stated it should be comp science! The ketua there just tell me, "Oh... itu silap telegram... banyak telegram perlu hantar, mungkin silap type la." and just go away without any apologies at all.

more to continue if i got mood la~

03-06-2009, 02:59 PM
But when the result is out there's DIVINE intervened and said,
"No, they are too many of Them. Remove Them to meet the quota! "

Quota - my ass!!

How do you freaking explain to your son/daughter that had slogged their bloody asses off for a CGPA score of max. 4, only to see that some lesser student with a lower CGPA (and just because of their race) get a place in the Uni... and to add salt to injury, you are 'forced' to go for the so called National Service to "lurrrrve" the country more....

Only in Malaysia (sorry for being BLUNT... 1MALAYSIA :rolleyes: ) where your 'race' is a handicap from birth :mad: . No happy ? well - I'm sure all of us remember what Dato Noh had said before... :rolleyes:

http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/opinion/jameschin/28296-ex-malaysians-and-their-right-to-speak .....read the part about the kids and education opportunities...

Today - I heard from a colleague - that his cousin (got straight A's including A1 for BM) NOT get a place for matriculation in a local uni. I asked him what about private universities.... he said - the father is a gardener in primary school and CANNOT afford to send his son to a private uni... Son is now depressed and at loss on what to do...

One more thing - I WONDER out aloud - on how many VIPs have managed to get their kids enrolled into USM this time.... why only the ordinary folks seems to have been affected (as shown in the media!!) So far NO VIP or some Dato! has cried foul.... [and please-la, don't say these fellas ALL send their kids overseas....]