View Full Version : Do we know how our children spend money in school ?

08-05-2009, 04:36 PM
My girl study in Sekolah Wawasan TTCL as year 1 student.

I allow her to have some pocket money so she could choose and buy thing she wanted to eat at school.

From that time onward, I realise that most of the time, she would attract to those nice and fancy stationary in school, she would use the money to buy those stationary and came back with empty stomach.

Thing she like would be, teddy bear eraser, fancy sharpener, cute mechanic pensil and etc.

But I always advise her to keep the money for food as we have a lot of stationary that they bought from the bookstore previously.

I have highlight this issue to the school and see no action. What can a parent do to the school other than visiting the headmistress several times and bring this issue to PIBG.

If the above issue happen to me, it happen to all of the parent, restrict them to bring money to school would not stop them from finding way to look for money to buy thing they want.

10-05-2009, 11:01 PM
Same thing happen to my daughter :D . So we start packing lunch/food for her.

As for those "cute-cute" stuff, nothing much we can do, as ourselves also tempt to buy those stuff we dont need. We provide lunch and reduce the pocket money.

As for learning how to buy stuff (like newspaper), give them the money and wait outside the shop, the asked them what is the balance.... correct or not. Balance (less than RM1) let them keep.

Additional, chores like washing my car, help me to paint, clear the old newspaper, they can keep but must go into saving box.

You can know what they buy from school by watching what they use or have in the bag. No friend give pasal-pasal or pinjam pinjam... Just keep an eye.

Once a while I let her buy all the stationeries she wants from popular.... what ever the design, look or brand.... reasonable for school use. Well, they have to be up-to-date oso mah.... :p

Maybe you can also arrange with the canteen about providing food there or keep a 555 book. :)

Dont u know some or most of the book store controlled by the HM or PIBG? Its money for them oso mah.... Why must your kids use school exercise books? Why cant they buy outside in bulk? think about it...

11-05-2009, 08:55 AM
IMHO, there nothing we can do to the PIBG. I see it is not their fault. We as the parent has to educate them the importance of money. One idea which you may or may not find it useful.... try to give RM1 (or whatever sum you like) a day to your kid. Give him/her in syilling. Eg. RM1 spread into 50cents, 40cents and 10cents. Tell her 50 cents is for your food, 40cents for saving and 10cents she can spend on the thing she like...if she likes to buy those fancy stuff, tell her she can use the 10cents she saved to buy those. In another word, she must save the 10cents enough to buy it. This may be one of many ideas only... you can figure out a better way yourself.

11-05-2009, 09:57 AM
temptation is everywhere. it's up to the individual to exercise self control. :p in your child's case, i guess you've to keep telling her not to waste money on unnecessary stuff and hopefully she catches on. bringing her own food to school will help, as suggested by franky, as that way, you can reduce her pocket money. less pocket money means reduced opportunity to buy 'cutie cutie' stuff. :D