View Full Version : E-mail from Secretary Protem Committee Commencement Of Security Protocol For SS 19/1

Mat Bruce
03-05-2009, 12:00 AM
Dear Members Of SS 19/1 Community,

As I have explained in my last email broadcast we need 400 members to implement the proposed security protocol. As of today we are still working to achieve the target but we have 330 participants. The Protem Committee has decided to implement the protocol beginning 1st May 2009. Due to lower participation we have modified the scope of the protocol as follows:
1. There will still be 24 hours security.
2. There will still two zones.
3. Each shift will be manned by 5 personnel instead of 6.
4 There will be 2 CCTVs instead of 4.
5. There will still be 3 gourd houses.
6. The command centre at the playground of 19/1G will be located later.
7. The proposed closure of road at night will be postponed to a later date until we get sufficient number of participants.
The security protocol will commence at 0700 1st May 2009. Baring any unforeseen circumstances the gourd houses will be in place in by next week and CCTV will be installed in 2 weeks time.
The committee hopes to call all participating members on 10 May @ Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan @ 3 pm to explain the details of the protocol.
In case of unwarranted happenings please contact the followings:
Prestine Security 0176196704
Balai Polis Subang Jaya 0356332222
Please also send to this email of what has been reported so as to inform other members of SS 19/1 community.
The Committee would very much like to hear any feedbacks from members.


Mohamad Noh Samik
Secretary Protem Committee