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29-04-2009, 11:55 AM
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Subject: SJ Alert EMS Traffic Police Inspector knocked down by Mat Rempit on 27/04/2009

Dear SJ Alert,

A traffic police inspector was knocked down by Mat Rempit in Puchong Prima on 27th April 2009 night. Community policing of IPD SZubang jaya is organising a trip to IPD Subang Jaya on 29th April at 3.00 pm to visit the injured officer. Anyone who is interested to join please be present at IPD SJ at 3.00 pm. The police may need to use preventive laws on them and I hope no politician will come out and accuse the police of power abuse. Reason? During a robbery many victims may not be able to receive their due justice. The defense lawyers will argue and the trial normally will take some time and many victims hours will be wasted. Often the victims are ladies and old people who may not want to attend trial for many times and the case will most probably be DNA. Its sending a very wrong signal to the aggravators. The police may opt for a more comprehensive approach by sending this dangerous young boys to Simpang. They may invoke EO and will very much hope to curb this menace. But politics nowadays will accuse the police for being bias and inhumane.

Mana boleh betul? Buat tak boleh tak buat tak boleh? I had suggested that EO must not only be taken for the rempits but the motorbike shops owner that help them to modified their motorcycles so that they speed better.We will be calling IGP also to mobilise its special branch officers to gather information on this groups. If we can fight communist hiding in the jungle, PDRM have a much easier task here. But only politics don't come in. The tiger of PDRM sudah kena cabut gigi and not be able to bite anymore as politicians keep barging into their offices demanding justice for criminals. The public is in euphoric condition when PR sweeps 5 states. But there are many tsunami politicians who lost their feets and try to outdo one another by doing headhunting on the police and berpura pura fighting on human rights ground by by breeding a new proteected species of criminals. I will not be surprised if our crime worsen in two years time as criminals who perceived to received protection from politicians will become bolder.

Let the police do its job. Look clearly whether it is a clear cut of police abuse or not. Look at the alleged victim background. If he is a student or normal person we shall then fight for their rights. When criminals come chopping your hands and permanently scarred your faces, they are asking for human rights? Huh, what kind of world we are living in now? If the police will treat them nicely, give them coffee or tea sie attitude, then many will repeat their wrongdoings. I salute YB Hanna for not interfering in police works and she clearly knows that she will be certainly sending a wrong signals out to the criminals if she does.


03-05-2009, 01:24 PM
Well written. If the police is serious enough eradicating Mat rempits, it should not be a problem. You hit the bull eye! It is the politicians that hamper the work of the cops.The communists are harder tasks but the mission was accomplished. Yes, the works of Special Branch which gathers intelligence and planning out strategies while the CID to complete the job. Back in the 70's and 80's , the same streategy was deployed to combat the gangster problem in Ipoh. Cops diguised as plain youths at the cinemas where gangsters are known to extort money while they ar in the vinicity.Some were impersonating like gangsters and where the local thugs see unfamiliar faces in thier turf, they approached the disguised cops.and demanded that they are the taikos in thiat turf. The Cops arrested them on the spot.