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15-04-2009, 05:45 PM
The ‘Subang Jaya – Towards a Safe Neighbourhood’ A Community Programme by the MPSJ JKP Zone 1

Safety will always be a treasured commodity in any community. As the official liaison between the Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) and the residents, the Jawatan Kuasa Penduduk (or JKP for short) Zone 1 (which covers Taman Wangsa Baiduri, SS12, SS13, SS14, SS15, SS17, SS18 and SS19 in Subang Jaya) is organising a programme to make Subang Jaya a truly safe neighbourhood.

The programme, launched in February 2009 has the overall objective to engender and encourage neighbourliness with the intention that good neighbours will look out for each other – a vital characteristic in ensuring the safety of any neighbourhood.

The Subang Jaya – Towards a Safe Neighbourhood Programme is designed with a three pronged approach viz.:-

i. Crime & Human Safety,
ii. Health Safety and Environment, and
iii. Traffic and Road Safety

Residents in the area will be represented vide Area Action Groups or AAG. Each of the 9 areas in Subang Jaya will have its own AAG. These AAGs will help to mobilise residents in each of the 9 areas to participate in activities, dialogues, and campaigns which will form part of the overall programme. The plan is to organise street-by-street campaigns to get each resident to meet and have the contact numbers of his/her immediate neighbour. A convenient InfoKAD will be printed and distributed to every household in the 9 areas. The InfoKAD will contain all the contact numbers to call in the event of an emergency. The InfoKAD will also allow the resident to note names and telephone contacts of his immediate neighbours. Each resident can keep this card on his/her person or somewhere within easy reach so that he can call his neighbour if he/she notices anything unusual happening. The Action Plan calls for a change in the mind-set of residents to care for their neighbours AND their immediate environs notifying the authorities if they chance upon anything unusual or faulty in their neighbourhood.

A car/motorcycle identifying sticker is also being designed to help residents recognise cars/motorcycles from outside the neighbourhood.

A key component of the programme is the holding of regular dialogues in suitable venues in any of the 9 areas to discuss matters relating to the theme which concern residents in the area.

The programme will engage into a partnership with the Polis DiRaja Malaysia to roll out the RAKANCOP facility in the area and increase residents’ participation in the PDRM’s Community Policing initiatives and Traffic Safety Campaigns.

Vector borne diseases are a threat to the safety of residents in the area with dengue becoming more and more serious day by day. The programme will tap the resources of the MPSJ Health Department in helping residents manage this problem so as to contain the spread of diseases. It will present an excellent opportunity for MPSJ to roll-out their COMBI programme for the eradication of the mosquito menace in Subang Jaya, and in the process providing an opportunity for the residents to play an important role in the upkeep of a healthy environment.

Other agencies which the programme will tap include the Jabatan BOMBA, Ambulance Service Providers, and RELA. The programme will provide a platform for the rolling out of the ‘Adopt a Hydrant’ campaign by the Jabatan BOMBA.

The programme will also call on corporate citizens and schools in the neighbourhood to spread the message that neighbourliness leads to the establishment of safe neighbourhoods.

It is anticipated that the programme will take 2 years to become self-sustaining and to develop on its own momentum within the neighbourhood.