View Full Version : Subang Jaya Community Policing Advisory - February 2009

12-03-2009, 07:03 PM
Dear Residents

These are Police advisories from the Putra Height (headed by S/I Tuan Nordin Bin Mustaffa) and USJ (headed by C/I Tuan Loi Yew Lik) Community Policing groups.

Do not leave your expensive shoes outside your house.
S/I Tuan Nordin reported that there is presently a trend for petty thieves from Kuala Lumpur to take public transport to areas like Putra Height and USJ during the late evenings, lay in wait at bus stops etc.. until the early hours of the mornings when they will go into houses to steal expensive shoes left outdoors. These are then carried back and sold in places like Chow Kit Road. - Police advise that residents should keep their shoes indoors to avoid such thefts.

Mercedes Benz and BMW Owners please be extra careful
A number of Mercedes Benz and BMWs were "taken" by car thieves when their owners drove them to the neighbourhood car wash and motor workshop. The reason being that most car owners "turn off" the Car security systems when they have their cars serviced. This gives the car thieves the opportunity to just drive the cars off. There have been various reports from USJ1 and also PJS11 in Bandar Sunway. - Police advise owners of luxurious car to be extra careful during these times.

Invest in a good quality lock for your home
Chief Inspector Tuan Loi has also advised all residents to invest in good quality locks for their homes, instead of those cheap and "easy to break padlocks". A good quality lock, properly secured grills & gates and a home alarm system will deter 70% of all burglars.