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05-02-2009, 04:25 PM
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Subject: SJ Alert EMS Another addition to the Police Statistics ...!

Dear All

Last Monday, my son added himself to the police statistics ...!

He was robbed while walking in SS14 towards the secondary school ... the incident happened at 3.15pm and was over in less than 5 minutes ... actually, he had earlier noticed two Indians on a bike while walking on the main road (Jalan SS14) and decided to walk a slight detour, taking a route between some houses (the small green patch which you can hardly call a playground, per se, next to end-lots of the terrace houses) ... unfortunately, just as he almost-exited the second row of terrace-houses, he was accosted by one Indian guy on foot (the other Indian guy was on the bike about 10meters away, waiting) who approached him asking for directions, and then asking to use his mobile phone ... when my son said that his phone had "no credit', the Indian guy pulled out a knife (similar to the Swiss knife type) and asked him whether he knew what the object was ... so my son handed over his handphone and Rm150 cash from his wallet ... fortunately, he had a little "wit" still left with him at the time (despite the shock/fright) to "bargain" with the Indian guy to just take the cash and let him keep his wallet ... so we are spared the hassle of re-applying for all the important documents had he given up the wallet too ...

We immediately made a police report at the SS17 Balai ... I must say, it was most efficiently handled by the front-desk corporals ... and later the "interview" with the Investigating Officer ... we were done in under an hour, all in.

Suffice to say, C/Insp Sulaiman was (later) personally informed ... as were the regular contacts in SS14 (namely Teoh and Joe Singh) to keep them informed & on the alert ...

Anyway, last evening (Wed, 4 Feb), our plainclothes men-in-blue managed to nab two Indian suspects in SS14 ... but unfortunately, they were not the ones who robbed my son ... so while it's Syabas to Tuan Sulaiman and his men, the job's not over ... yet ... and this means, unfortunately, there's still another gang operating around ...sigh!

That said, I have some hunches and leads on possible culprits (culled from inquiries I have made) ... and am pursuing them ... of course, some info was communicated to Tuan Sulaiman ...

So folks, do be very careful as you go about your daily living in SJ/USJ (or for that matter, wherever) ... it's sad but we need to constantly look over our shoulder everywhere ...stay alert ... we always are warned to be on the look-out and watchful of our surroundings, but even then, sometimes, the situation just cannot be foiled and thus, we add to the every-increasing police statistics ...