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09-01-2009, 06:11 PM
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This happened to me at the Taipan HSBC Bank today.
I withdrew quite a large amount of money before noon today, whilst my husband waited for me outside the Bank in the car.

I called him on the mobile when I had withdrew the amount which was handed to me in a "special room" and he drove right up to the front of the Bank and we started to leave, we noticed that a Black Camry that was parked in front of the Bank started to leave too.

We drove out onto the main road and made a U-Turn at USJ11/3 and drove toward the MPSJ Building heading toward the Summit/Giant junction. The Camry followed and at the junction of USJ5 and Persiaran Murni, when we stopped for the traffic lights, this Camry drove very close to our car and my husband gestured to the driver asking him what he was trying to doing, that was when we noticed that there were 3 people in the car, a male driver, a lady in the front passenger seat and to our surprise the back windows somehow was wind down we noticed an Arab looking man in the back seat. I suppose that the car was so closed that the car doors could not be opened.

We started to get very suspicious so when the lights turned green we turned right toward Summit junction and my husband made a few misleading turning indications and each time the Black Camry followed. We finally made a turn at the Summit junction going towards Subang Jaya and sure enough the Black Camry followed and we decided to make another U-Turn at the HiTech/Kesas Highway junction and headed back along Jalan Kewajipan toward Balai Polis USJ. I suppose the Black Camry could not follow as they were on the inner lane at the junction and there were quite a lot of cars making it impossible to make the U-Turn.

These are the details

Black Camry (Not latest model - polished spic and span)
Vehicle No. XXX 1767 (last 2 digits not very sure)
Heavily Tinted Dark Windows all round.
2 male (driver and back passenger - Arab Looking)
1 female (front passenger w/tudung)

I am not sure but I feel that we are so lucky that we were Alert, and I am so very sure we prevented a robbery from happening.

Just be on the lookout for this group of people, when you are at the Bank with large sums of money.