View Full Version : Proposal to organize Subang Jaya/USJ Community Garage Sales

02-01-2009, 01:57 PM
After reading with interest that many people are selling their items/clearing their house of unused items, why don't we organize a community garage sale? We can organize it at a location (to be determined) and it should be free for Subang Jaya/USJ residents. The purpose is to form a tighter community and to foster goodwill among the residents (and to spring clean and make a little bit of money for everyone).

I volunteer to take the lead on this project but will need assistance from other people to make it a success. Can I get 7 volunteers? Once we form this group, we shall then sit down and discuss matters such as logistics, rules, regulations, venue, date, time, and so on.

Let me start the ball rolling:-
1. Jimi Jamison

Of course if there are more who are willing to contribute, we will not restrict the number of volunteers.

Once the list is complete, we will correspond by Private Mail to make arrangements for our first meeting to discuss the mechanics leading to this.

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