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27-12-2008, 04:53 PM
Dear Residents

The Polis are reaching out to Residents in USJ in their Crime Prevention efforts.

Chief Inspector Tuan Foo Teik Fong of Balai Polis USJ has made the following offer to residents.

1. Joint foot patrol with the Polis
The Polis will send their personnel to do joint foot patrol of the Neighbourhood with residents of any precinct. This could be especially interesting for areas where there are high instances of snatch theft and house break-ins.

2. Joint patrol in Kereta Peronda Polis (MPV)
Residents who are interested, get to ride in the Polis Patrol Cars as they do their rounds during the day or night. This will give residents first hand experience of how the Polis, patrol the various Neighbourhoods in USJ. As you can imagine, there will only be limited space available.

Those of you who are interested in participating in these activities with the Polis, please drop me a note and I will try to make the necessary arrangements.

Best Regards

Crime prevention is a shared responsibility