View Full Version : Do not ever patronise this maid agency

14-11-2008, 10:57 PM
I would like to share a very bad experience with the maid agency, Agency Pekerjaan Haz in SS15 Subang Jaya. The sales person by the name of Ms Yeong is totally irresponsible, never return calls eventhough promised to do so, giving excuses all the time for late delivery of maid, paperwork, etc. Maddening!!

After applying for a maid there, we waited for almost 4 months before the maid arrived. Every call to enquire about arrival of maid was met with 'call you back' but never did, 'let me check' or 'maybe next week'. Finally, the maid arrived but after 2 months, I returned the maid as she was lazy, lied about things, took afternoon naps eventhough she had a good 8 hours sleep at night! I even forgo all the fees that were paid up earlier.

My nightmare with the agency starts again. After returning the maid for more than a month, I decided to get another maid through another agency. To complete the documentation I had to produce a letter to certify that I had cancelled the previous maid, but was not given one by Haz. Called up Ms Yeong and was given the round the bush story of the maid not cancelled yet as they tried to find her a new employer. She will either avoid your calls, give you excuses, tell you she will return your call but never did, or give you false hope of getting what you wanted 'tomorrow' or day after, etc.

Till today, after 1 and half months after returning the maid, I have yet to get my maid cancellation letter.

Anyone had such experiences with this agency before?