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03-11-2008, 06:02 PM
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Moral of the story is to have good neighbours

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some local personal news
thursday yesterday, 30th oct 08 started off like any other less than interesting working day!
Until bout 11.15am, A friend called to break not so usual newz - 'XXX ah, your house got 3 chinese man pecah masuk oh!'
kiap kiap balik lor, the good friend was de sitting outside with my gates, grill and main door terbuka...

summary of event - daring daylight robbery committed by 3 smartly dressed chinese men with another waiting in car (new black honda civic/city wgl8525) some 6 houses away. lifted auto gate, cut padlock lobes (not padlock ah) on grill, prised open main door and oso did same to back grill. upstairs master bedroom ransacked (mainly wardrobe and table drawers), the other two rooms bit here n there. downstairs not disturbed but flat screen tv wires unplugged from tv.
items lost - rm900, sgd100, priceless sentimental jeweleries and 3 bottles wine (incl corden bleu) plus of course fear stigma la!
first such experience for us la...guess robbers din have enuf time as neibors were outside. neibors oso called police but usual m'sian style...sampai after perpetrators left la. aparently police officer went in to checki my house bit n left befor me home.
luckili thou, robbers did not taki our int'l passports kept together with cash and jewelery.... hmmm! mayb pro for specifics only.

many thanks to tony for calling n moral support who was actuali contacted by who is brother to my neibor!

03-11-2008, 06:04 PM
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hi everyone in sj alert
this is exactly what happened to my house on may 13th i stayed in ss18 subang jaya
same style same 3 chinese guys came in a white nissan cefiro ( they might have a lot of cars)
they waited for me and my family go out for dinner around 8pm and they started they sick work
me and family had a big lost in that burglary
i was not as lucky as this person cause my neighbour is not alert enough and careless type
they saw a white cefiro with 3 chinese guys and he thought is my fren and dun care
this 3 low life scum jump over the gate cut the padlock lobes break the wooden door in a profesianal way nicely break then open the autogate
reverse the car in and close the gate and start ransacking the masterbedroom and 2nd and 3rd room just run thru and took all the lcd flat screen tv from the living room and my room
they only take the lcd flat screen tv s and valuables they took 2 bottles of whisky from the living room too
they carry the whole metal safe from the masterbedroom drag and throw down the stairs damaging the floors
they basically toook all the precious and everything we have that nite.
my mum discover when she came back from dinner cos the gate is widely open and the front door widely open
my sis went to the police station ask for help the police only came after half an hour
well by that time what you think they can catch????
i belive this is the same group that burglarised your house too
cause the operandi is the same and they are pro,s
why are they still around what are the police doing????
until how many house become thier victim only can catch this burglars??????until when???
we were force to move out from this scary experience and sad moment thinking back what they have taken from us
is a hard time for us cos we lost everything in there
to everyone neighbour is very important get a good neighbour and get alarm
and wish that our royal police will nab this scums asap

04-11-2008, 01:44 AM
this is similar to what happend to me when I was staying in Sunway,

20/08/2007, around 3pm. First they damage lift my gates and then get to my grill, they manage to get rid of my padlock and open the sliding door without any problem as it its thier own house. They were all over in my house, took away my computer, ginseng, few bottles of Dome and other wine. Some cash and jewellery. Did not take passport or other important documents.

Neighbour saw them "repairing" my gate, so did not bother them. When I came back from work, I was shocked to see the gate open wide, sliding door open wide with the curtain flappling away... Later I went to make police report, apparently they caught them after a chase.

That day, they strike many houses in Sunway and luckily one neighbour make a police report and the police manage to come on time. They manage to speed off. One of them was seriously injured when their car rammed into the road divider at Batu 3 tol plaza during the chase.

I am not sure this new incident is from the same syndicate or not. However what they took and their operations does looks similar.

After that incidence we dont keep important documents and valuebles at home anymore.