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27-10-2008, 11:50 AM
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Subject: SJ Alert EMS Robbery on Saturday 25/10/2008 @ 7.40am at the USJ4 Padang

Dear Members

SJ Alert SMS message received on the evening of 25/10/2008 at 11.17pm

A resident reported that he/she was robbed by 4 person on 2 motorcycles on Saturday 25/10/2008 at around 7.40am at the USJ4 Padang. The number plate of one of the Motorcycle was WQY 726

Please be on the lookout, and report sightings of this motorcycle to the nearest Subang Jaya Balai Polis immediately.

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Additional information & clarification

The victims were actually 4 Malay boys, they were robbed of
1. 4 Mobile Phones
2. Cash RM400
3. 1 Perodua Car Key

The 4 robbers were all Malay in their 20's claiming to be the Police.
1. Medium Brown Complexion
2. 3 were Medium build, 1 was plum
3. All Height around 5' 2" to 5' 6"
4. All had sling bags (to carry weapons?)
5. All armed with 4" kitchen knives

The 2 Motorcycle used
1. Honda EX5 - Dark Blue + Black
2. Yamaha LC - Red + Black - WQY 726 (Number Plate is false)

Crime took place at USJ4/1K Padang at around 7.30am

27-10-2008, 12:38 PM
Could be the same group that robbed the whole family at USJ11/3P on Sunday 12/10/2008.

27-10-2008, 05:30 PM
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Subject: Re: SJ Alert EMS Robbery on Saturday 25/10/2008 @ 7.40am at the USJ4 Padang

Hi Robert,

Just out of curiosity. The number plate that was recorded and identified could be fake . Police by now should have authenticate and confirm this number plate but how to confirm with the Authority that this number plate is 1) Fake and belong to somebody else. 2) No owner existed. Does Police work very well with JPJ?

After all , we still need to be on lookout and report this motorcycle if they use the same fake number.

This modus operandi also very similar to a case in taman melawati , 4 persons on 2 motorcycles robbed 1 guy and 2 girls while they approach their car outside the house. Laptop was stolen. Weapon: Parang
The sad thing about this , Mat Rempit have develop their skills in morphing into the light infantry of criminals . They have upgraded their mobiles by modifying their bikes such as inserting Silencer on their exhaust to move stealthily from the victim's back. Second is Speed for evading the cops and public assistance. Third, Compartment to keep the weapon away from the public eye. Improvisation in these few years will cause us the innocent to be continue harass by this normal people. They were not born as thief or robbers in the beginning but the crime is so easy and tempting which make them thought of it as a part time job now. Their age range can be from 15 - 20 something as long as they are lightweight enough to sped away. Syndicates especially the seniors could be the mastermind who train these young mind as well.

27-10-2008, 05:31 PM
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Subject: Re: SJ Alert EMS Robbery on Saturday 25/10/2008 @ 7.40am at the USJ4 Padang

Hi Robert,
Thank you for the infor. I had being with SJ Alert since it started. At the time we will received sms over such incident which we will be able to keep an eyes on adhoc once crime was reported. I guess this the initial purposes of SJ Alert which turns resident to be an eyes on alert once crime reported and may give prompt feed back to police with the number provided on the stickers.
As for now, the infor we are getting may be delayed! And it dont serve the purposed of SJ Alert anymore.
Thank you.

Ooi Soo Teong

27-10-2008, 05:33 PM
Dear Soo Teong

Thank you for your continued support of SJ Alert.

I would like to take the opportunity to reply to your comments.

We actually never sent out any SJ Alert SMS Messages indicating Vehicle Numbers immediately after a crime happen, we have to get confirmation from the Police first and as everyone is aware the number plates are usually false and we could only send out that much information in a 160 character SMS.

The situation has changed since we introduced SJ Alert SMS, we can now offer much more information to our members including a description of the criminals, their vehicles, the type of weapons they use etc.. etc..

Admittedly the information is a bit delayed, but is it not a better way to educated our members with additional information about Crime prone areas in Subang Jaya, the modus operandi of criminals etc.etc?... we need to educate the public to be more aware of their surroundings and to always be alert when in open spaces. I am sure most people already know this, but it is just human nature that we need to be constantly reminded of our responsibilities.

Responsibilities? what responsibilities you may ask. There is no foolproof plan to stop criminals and crime, but we can surely do our level best in preventing crime from happening for after all :

Crime Prevention is a shared responsibility
with the Police

27-10-2008, 05:34 PM
From: kuan [mailto:XXXX@XXXXXXXXXXX.com]
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Subject: re: SJ Alert EMS Robbery on Saturday 25/10/2008 @ 7.40am at the USJ4 Padang

Thanks robert. There was a robbery by two ( believe to be malay according to victim) suspect in Puchong Utama last Friday afternoon by jumping into the house compound during raining time. The getaway motorbike according to witnesses is red colour and small cc. The rider was wearing a black jacket and armed with a one foot knife. Hope that the resident can be on lookout for this type of motorbike and suspects. If you ever come across them, please call the IPD Subang Jaya no 03 89481421 so that they can inform all their patrol cars.

Thanks Robert. Good Job.