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26-10-2008, 02:15 AM
We're selling our Kindermusik 'Our Time' Home Kits; the materials have been taken care of extremely well.

Pls take a look at the titles and email me at dominique.carnee@gmail.com if you're interested. Thank you!

KINDERMUSIK "OUR TIME" (Age 1.5 - 3yo) HOME KITS = RM120/each (NP: RM200 each kit)
-- Excellent condition.
- "Milk & Cookies" Home Kit (2 story books, Home Activity Book , 2 music CDs, Milk & Cookies bag & 1 instrument = wooden 'Stir Xylophone')
- "Fiddle-Dee-Dee" Home Kit (2 story books, Home Activity Book , 2 music CDs, Fiddle-Dee-Dee cardboard make-n-play; brand new, never used & 1 instrument = yellow and black striped wooden sticks with bells inside)
* (all books have been plastic-wrapped, in like-new condition; usual wear with musical instrument but many more years of play left to them.)

"Infant Potty Training" by Laurie Boucke (Softcover, 492 pages) = RM70
(Like-new condition, Gently read, plastic-wrapped, from USA)
*(This book is a fantastic book -- it armed me with the knowledge and the confidence to practice 'elimination communication' with my 2 boys, who were diaperless 100% by 24 mths of age, and this was because I started late, at approx. 18mths and not at birth, which is the best starting point)
"How were babies potty trained before diapers? How are they toilet trained today in societies without diapers? Most parents who ask these questions instinctively know there is a simple and natural approach- and one which is kind to the environment. Babies are aware of the elimination function from birth and attempt to communicate this. But we don't watch and listen. Communicating with your infant in this fashion enhances bonding and drastically reduces diaper use. Your baby is ready if you are."

05-11-2008, 07:58 PM
the infant potty training book has been sold.

The kindermusik home kits are STILL AVAILABLE.

thanks for your interest! :)