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16-10-2008, 10:21 AM
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Subject: Re: Robbery reported at USJ 11/3P on Sunday 12 October 2008

There was a robbery reported by a visitor to a resident living along USJ 11/3P tonight at about 10:30 p.m. The visitor and his family were waiting in their car for his friend just outside his house who lives along 3P. Six men on 3 motorcyles confronted them with parangs and robbed them of their wallets, valuables, car keys, etc. They were visibly shaken as they made their way to the police station to make a report along with their friend who lives along 3P.

This happened along the car park fronting the MPSJ building. The robbers had used the pedestrian crossing along that parking area to come into our area. This was the entry/exit that worried us, the committee as we had foreseen that something like that could happen. Unfortunately, we could not barricade the entrance as we had to seek the permission of MPSJ before we can do that. MPSJ had built that small bridge to allow the people who parked there to use it to cross over the drain and onward to the MPSJ building.

Now that this has happened, it will give us compelling reasons to barricade it immediately so that only pedestrians can use that crossing but prevent motorcylists from coming in through that entrance. We must now also seriously look at fencing up the perimeter of our area as soon as we can afford to.

As we have said, despite our security system being in place, there are still leaks so please be on the lookout for suspicious characters, be vigilant and alert at all times.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

16-10-2008, 10:32 AM
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Subject: Re: SJ Alert EMS FW: Robbery reported at USJ 11/3P on Sunday 12 october 2008

Friends ,
I do not want to sound like a racist but can we have a honest description of the robbers.
The reasons is a very simple, our safety is the most important and the culprits probably target SJ and USJand will definitely do it again and again. With a description we can also quickly call the police.
We need to do some profiling which may not be 100% accurate but will act as a pre-warning to all those reading this type of emails. The email below will not help anybody take additional precautions as we have no clue as to what technique or profile I need to add to my list of alerts or be warneds. There are things we can look out for. Statistics are only good if they are actionable and be actioned on.
Let me share my experience during this chinese new year where being alert (thanks to Joe Singhs inputs) and some form of profiling I was able to avert injury and being robbed(with gods grace).
1) I was seated at the park next to SJMC at 7:30 am enjoying the serenity and quiet due to CNY holidays.
2) Heard a motorbike(fortunately the sound was quite loud) park about 30 meters from me.
3) Noticed 2 south indian guys walking towards me with one on my left and the other on my right.
4) Observed that they were wearing jackets, arms not visible.
5) Observed that as they walked one arm was stiff (not normal) and the other was swinging(normal). When a normal person walks both arms are swinging unless that person is carrying something.
6) Alarm bells went off in my head telling me that they must be having a parang or something in their stiff arm under their sleeve.
7) When they were about 15-20 meters away, I got up and ran to the emergency entrance to SJMC where there would be guards and other people.
8) Fortunately they did not try to chase me but went back to their motobike(which by the way had the engine still running) and shouted abuses at me and rode off.
9) I did not have time to take down the number plate, which would have the police in someway if alerted.
10 By the way I am 5ft 11 and 205 lbs and was wearing an old T shirt and shorts. I am sure I am no match for 2 small guys with parangs and they were prepareed to take all that I had however small. A parang is parang and flesh is flesh.

I am requesting that some form of description (as observed by the victims) is included in the emails.
Knowing that this can be sensitive, I believe that our safety is paramount and am sure there will be
only a select few who will be sensitive if the race of the thiefs is given. The more descriptions we have
the better it will be for all of us. Things are getting worse not better for obvious reasons. So we have to
help ourselves in anyway we can to protect ourselves, our families, neighbours etc.

Best Regards
AS Gill

16-10-2008, 10:36 AM
From: Moaz Ahmad
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Subject: Re: SJ Alert EMS FW: Robbery reported at USJ 11/3P on Sunday 12 october 2008

Mr. Gill,

I think you profiled them quite well and paid good attention to detail.

If their race was part of the profile it looks like it was overshadowed by other factors - the motorcycle, jackets, the stiff arm, the way they walked, etc.

That is the kind of "street-smarts" and awareness and attention to detail that we need to develop among Malaysians to prevent people from getting injured.

I always warn my girlfriend (and consider it myself as well) to keep at least one arm free, never use the remote system until I am close to the car, and avoid using the handphone and carrying items at the same time as it can be a source of distraction.

When I walk about (and I walk alot) my eyes are constantly moving, my ears are always listening, and everything I need to carry is on my body or in one hand leaving the other one free.

Criminals and bullies always target people who do not take command of the situation that they are in.

Finally, let me say that I am glad that you kept yourself safe from harm.

Cheers, Moaz

From: sohivideo
Sent: Wednesday, 15 October, 2008 6:06 PM
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Subject: Be Alert always

Mr.Gill, Sat Sri Akaal

happy to note that you applied what was shared and saved yourselves.

When ever you hear the sound of a motorbike, irrespective if it is loud or not, make it a point to suspect, prevention is better than cure.

If they wear over sized jackets and as Mr.Gill said, that one arm was straight, they have a conceal weapon, normally a parang underneath, dont wait to find out, just go to the nearest secured area possible or shout curi curi , does not matter if it is a false alarm.

If you are going for a walk alone in the early or late hours, do carry a golf or hockey stick, this is a deterrent as the would be robber would notice that you too are armed and he may think twice.

SAFETY STARTS AND ENDS WITH YOU, ALWAYS BE ALERT , BE SMART , BE SAFE ... the police are doing their best to fight crime but these crooks are very mobile and they are graduates of Crime College.

Joe Singh
JKP Zone 1
Safety & Security / Community Policing with SJ Police

From: Gary Yap
Sent: Thursday, 16 October, 2008 8:45 AM
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Subject: Re: SJ Alert EMS FW: Robbery reported at USJ 11/3P on Sunday 12 october 2008

The only pedestrian 'bridge' barricaded is the one facing Taipan(Public Bank row). In the car also kena rob, what else can happen.

From: Gary Yap
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Cc: Hannah Yeoh; Theresa Ratnam Thong; Joe Mahinder Singh
Subject: Re: SJ Alert EMS FW: Robbery reported at USJ 11/3P on Sunday 12 october 2008

There is nothing racist in racial profiling if it's meant to do good. My conclusion is it's not safe to go out anymore.