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Active Koala
25-09-2008, 12:16 PM
I read below article with interest and found that the ways to bring back US suggested is equally applicable to Malaysia as well. Just want to share with you and see what you think?


"Bringing Back the US
Monday July 14, 10:25 am ET
By Charles Payne

........ There are problems that will not be cured with time but only through serious consideration and action. America has to make a stand and rally around T. Boone Pickens' call the way a bunch of shopkeepers and farmers rallied around the siren of Paul Revere. Moreover, while I admire Mr. Wolfensohn, his vision doesn't have to become reality. Though, it will unless we reemphasize greatness in the US. Rather than this path of ripping apart the system that made it great and attacking the so-called rich, we should be encouraging wealth generation, not redistribution. People that create jobs should be applauded and people that don't have skills should be helped in getting them rather than having the government try to protect jobs and skills that aren't competitive on the global stage. I also spent a considerable time with Ward Connerly who says we must have a nation that is color blind and focuses on merit rather than being anchored by the sins of the past.

The fact is the US has fallen down hard on education and achievement. We aren't letting the world's smartest people into this country because of laws that seem to want to protect jobs for people with lesser skills. That's not how America got to the top of the world. Competition must be stoked by all citizens. I don't think it's too late to alter the course many have already modeled and accepted as fact. I've never been as optimistic and afraid at the same time as right now. I'm prepared to do the work but I just fear the US has slipped into a phase of self-pity that will have us whining and finger pointing while the rest of the world zips right by.

As for the stock market I really hope investors will stay the course and keep their heads up in search for opportunities. We will find them for sure but it takes a little patience and understanding. In the meantime you have to have exposure to the downside especially if you're prone to panic; making some money will assuage those fears and maybe help you pull the trigger when the turn comes. I'm not talking about picking the exact bottom, in fact I think some of the biggest money making ideas are ones my firm is already long in the model portfolio that have been getting hit. Every time the market goes through these phases I'm saddened months later when taking profits but people have already sold (most at a loss) because the stock was down and they were afraid. If you want to be afraid of something, be afraid of politicians dragging their feet on oil and education and twisting the question of fairness so that it means a divided nation that feeds on animosity and jealously......"