View Full Version : is our children education becoming better?

21-09-2008, 10:23 PM
Every year, when i read about the SPM or STPM results, i always have question flying in my mind:-

1) How can someone have so many "A" than we are 10 years ago? If so, why they need to be 're-train' or 're-label" after graduate from university

2) Did our new generation become smarter? Or our education standard did not align with current standard?

3) Are we "cheating" ourselves by believing that our new generation are better by achieving more "A"?

4) If our new generation go to Spore or gauge by UK standards, can they still become "TOP STUDENT"?

5) Is our country churning our "TOP GUN" for our future?

Everything starts from EDUCATION. Talent can only be found through good education. If our countries education lacking, soon Indonesia or China worker can even take over not just our cleaner job, but also our office jobs.