View Full Version : Snatch Theft: USJ4/9A

16-09-2008, 02:47 AM
This happened last nite around 9pm. We heard aa scream while dinner and as I approached a gate, saw a bike screeching away. Later, the victim, a Malay lady gave chas with her car but that guy was gone. Her husband came a few mins later and as we, the neighbours were chatting outside my house, stopped and asked if any of us saw he guy. Appearantly, she runs 6 ramadan bazaar stalls and has just returned with the days collection.

Suspect she has been marked earlier and victim was followed fora few days bfore the culprit made a move. Pls be warned!!

16-09-2008, 09:02 AM
Hmmm..just wonder how come police still announced that crime rate has dropped when nowadays there are so many gun shot cases and snatch thieves.

16-09-2008, 03:26 PM
And very sadly this case has not been reported yet.

I just checked with Balai Polis USJ8 and there is presently no such report of a snatch theft last night along USJ4/9A.

We must make a habit of reporting such crime to the Police so that they can at least keep everyone else informed.

In this instance, if not for Lord we would not have known of this incident.


16-09-2008, 03:50 PM
Why there's no report made, i think everyone knws..it's a waste of time. By reporting is just adding to the yearly statistics of the police.. and what can they do?Not to pour cold water on their efficiency.

My wife and i experienced this snatch theft early this year...and really a hassle to make a report...took us 3 hrs to complete a report and hv to go to 2 stations... well, we all knw the routine...

16-09-2008, 06:11 PM
Hi evan1222

I don't think everyone knows, I think everyone assumes that it is a waste of time.

When it take 3 hours to complete a report something is wrong, where did you make the report and what made it take so long.

If there is a need to pour cold water over their efficiency we should, otherwise how are the Police going to revamp and improve their delivery system.

I will direct the Police to have a look at your experience and see if somehow it can be changed.

Dare I say that as residents of Subang Jaya we should not have such problems when making police reports.

Share with us your experience.


16-09-2008, 08:33 PM
Err buddies...even when it takes more than 3 hours under certain circumstances like during graveyard hours where the Police personnel might be out on patrol duties...it's still civic duty call...n the report has to be done...

How else the Police is going to be informed to take up any appropriate actions asap...n exercise law enforcement measures to curb crime...?

More often than not...many folks would complaint n some have even fallen victim to criminal acts by unscrupulous parties...but without receiving formal Police report...or tip offs...it would be harder for the Police to act diligently...to handle your cases.

For the sake of discussion...what would happen when you witness a theft...robbery or murder in progress...then as the witness to the crime...would you turn a blind eye or walk away from the crime scene...?

Or say...you or your daughter were getting mob by robbers or like in this case a snatch thief...how would you feel knowing that your neighbours turn a blind eye or just walk away...while you were getting mob...?

Or lets say...you witness a robber robbing or a murderer killing one of your neighbour...would you come forward to assist in the Police investigation n later in the legal prosecution processes in court...as a witness to the crime?

That would certainly be more than 3 hours of waiting...n hassles.

n how would you feel then...when your neighbour refused to assist as the ONLY witness to the crime inflicted to your love ones because he was afraid of 3 hours waiting time...n hassles...?

So even if the culprits is caught eventually by the Police...without evidence...without witness...the culprit walks free.