View Full Version : Looking for a single room November onwards.

10-09-2008, 02:12 AM
I am looking for a room for myself, urgently, in USJ or nearby. Will move in starting November.

Preferably :
1) Location : USJ 4/6/2/1/3/near taipan , SS18/14/13/15/19/17/12, bandar sunway, PJS9/7/11/10/8
2) Type : Single room in Apartment/Condo (with security)
3) Budget : RM300 & below
4) Room furnished/unfurnished
5) House with internet is a must. fridge, washing machine and stove.
6) Friends allowed to overnight once in a while/MYOB/open minded housemates
7) Moving in early November 2008.

I'm a nice, friendly young malay female, will be working as a graphic designer soon.

Doesn't mind sharing houses with other races (as long as they are female and only halal foods in the house, im sorry hope u understand).

Very tidy, very neat and very clean person.
Appreciates privacy and tranquilness very much.

If possible, a house that is lose on rules but is definitely clean. I respect other people's privacy and loves to cook :)

Currently I like Casa Subang but my budget is only rm300 below :(
Any rooms available at locations stated above will do.

Please email me at kizukizu@gmail.com if you have rooms available to offer.

TQ in advance. :):):)

17-09-2008, 03:46 PM
anybody has a room for rent ?