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23-07-2008, 10:10 AM
Selangor's own university, UNISEL, is accepting applications from interested applicants with a minimum of SPM/SPMV qualifications for entry into their undergraduate programmes until 25 July 2008 :

Entry with SPM / SPMV

Faculty Of Industrial Information Technology

Diploma in Computer Application in Business (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-fitm/diploma-computer-application-in-business.html)

Diploma in Industrial Computing (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-fitm/diploma-in-industrial-computing.html)

Diploma in Information Technology (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-fitm/diploma-in-information-technology.html)

Diploma in Multimedia Industry (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-fitm/diploma-in-multimedia-industry.html)

Diploma in Mobile Technology (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-fitm/diploma-in-mobile-technology.html)

Faculty of Engineering

Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-fk/diploma-in-mechatronics-engineering.html)

Faculty of Education / Centre for Language Studies

Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education)

Diploma in Education (Islamic Education)

Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-pusat-bahasa/diploma-in-tesl.html)

Foundation for Bachelor of Education (TESL) (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-pusat-bahasa/foundation-for-bachelor-of-education-tesl.html)

Faculty Of Industrial Management

Diploma in Accountancy (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-fpi/diploma-in-accountancy.html)

Diploma in Business Management (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-fpi/diploma-in-business-management-2.html)

Diploma in Sports Industry Management

Faculty Of Social Science And Industry Studies

Diploma in Library Science (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-sains-sosial/diploma-in-library-science.html)

Faculty Of Applied Science and Mathematics

Foundation in Information Technology (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-tahun-asas-fas-/foundation-in-information-technology.html)

Foundation In Management (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-tahun-asas-fas-/foundation-in-management.html)

Foundation In Science (http://www.unisel.edu.my/program-tahun-asas-fas-/foundation-in-science.html)Entry With STPM/Diploma/Matriculation and other recognised Pre-University Qualifications

Every other undergraduate programme offered (see here (http://www.unisel.edu.my/list-of-programmes.html))FYI, the Foundation programme is similar to the American or Australian Associate degree programme, roughly equivalent to one academic year's number of credit hours.

Application for postgraduate programmes are also open. All applications can be made online :


Sorry for the late notice though. I was also recently just made aware of this.

23-07-2008, 11:21 AM
is rosmah still the chancellor of this uni?

23-07-2008, 11:35 AM
"Unfortunately" so .. but then again, chancellors are only honourary positions. The previous Vice-Chancellor who apparently was a bit controversial himself has not had his contract extended and has now been replaced by Professor Dr Khalifah Osman as Acting V-C.

There's some backgrounder to this with rumours that there's a Khir Toyo hand involved. I won't speculate here lah but at least its good to know we have our own state university that we can use to develop human capital and provide opportunities for our younglings to get some quality higher education.

23-07-2008, 12:14 PM
nothing against rosmah being the chancellor... her chancellorship will at least put unisel in the world map