View Full Version : Mother's/Father's/Teacher's Day

16-05-2008, 11:45 AM
Today is Teacher's Day. How much do you really appreciate teachers contribution nowadays? If this question was asked 10,20 or more years ago, I am sure many would say "....a lot...". It was a very respected profession back then.

But today, think about it before you answer......with many depending on tuitions, why? Are our teachers not committed enough?

But best of all, we have an Education Minister who suppose to be a leader who sets good examples, directions(making good education policies and focus just on education matters ONLY) etc... BUT instead stick his head too much into politics and makes sensitive & controversial statements.

But then there are also good committed teachers out there...my salute to you!

16-05-2008, 12:17 PM
Refering to your title, how does Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day relate with teachers?

Well we've said enough about the low pay. Let's look at the amount of teachers to students. In SMSJ where I studied, we had 1 teacher to every 40 or 50 students (sometimes even more). To control a class that size, teachers eventually regard her class as an item, an anomie group that must be silenced and compelled by her rules. She has no choice. Either that or she'll lose sanity.

From the students' point-of-view, the teacher is a distant person, especially if you sit at the far corner. During lessons, the teacher appears to talk at thin air due to the class size. From your perspective, she is always talking to 'other people' or 'at other people', never 'with her students', or 'with you'.

How are students to feel related with teachers in such conditions?