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15-02-2008, 01:19 AM
This was discussed in another thread related to dispensing prescriptions by clinics. Some people wondered why we do not have this synergy of pharmacies dispensing prescriptions after medical consultations at a clinic.

We can find pharmacists taking blood pressure readings and advising their customers on their hypertension medications. This is highly unprofessional and dangerous as the pharmacists are not medically trained to detect underlying medical problems associated with the superficial readings of blood pressure.

Apart from the availability of such quick "services" from the pharmacies, should we trust the pharmacist's recommendations for medication for conditions like diabetes, gout, rash, sprains and other "simple" conditions that appear not to warrant a visit to a medical professional?

15-02-2008, 09:22 AM
Chang have a point there. Its better to see a proper doctor reqularly than to see a pharmacist for medicine.

I know of someone who was treated wrongly for diabetic for 10years by a GP and even the GH. They prescribe him enough insulin for his meals and not for 24 hours coverage. Thus, long term damage. The pharmacist just sold the insulin without any question asked and recommended lots of other supplements.

I also know of another who likes to recommend his customer for all kind of lab testing, just because he also owns the lab nearby :( and also recommended lots of other supplements.

15-02-2008, 11:25 AM
my view about pharmacists is that they are there to provide a 2nd line of information about the medication that you are using.

They should not be acting as medical practitioners, just as doctors should not be dispensing drugs directly...

If people wish to ask the pharmacist for medical advice, we could only hope that the pharmacist would be professional enough to say, "Im not a doctor" and if we wish to ask the doctor for pharmaceutical advice, we could only hope that the doctor would be professional enough to say, "your pharmacist can give you detailed information"

I dont know why anyone would see it as a competition or an avenue for profit-taking...but then, Im not the kind of person who jockeys for position and profits...

Cheers, m