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30-01-2008, 11:15 PM
I have enjoyed this website very much. As I am new to USJ, migrated from PJ and we all know what PJ is like, I find Subang not that bad. The only thing about Subang is that, it isnít disable friendly which isnít good at all. It makes me wonder if the folks in Subang arenít aware of disable individuals in their areas. Curbs here, curbs there Ė I canít enjoy eating out at the shops or do any shopping or banking because of all the curbs which makes it very dangerous for me and for those who are helping me. I had to go all the way to KLCC to get Maxis internet connection! So absurd!

Being handicap is not an issue, it is a milieu issue Ė I wonder why again and again the government ignores the need of these people who move around in wheelchairs. The way I see it, situation is terrible in Subang Jaya.
I am a human being too, I do things like any of you do, but you have made it 100% difficult for me. Why is that? Why have you forgotten those in wheelchairs?

27-02-2008, 08:16 PM
Hi Carol

Thanks for highlighting this wheelchair accessibility issue. I agree with you that the authorities have not done enough for this community's special needs not only in Subang Jaya but the country as a whole. We have a long way to go compared to the developed countries.

As citizens of this country whether able bodied or not, let's make some noise and do our part to send our local councillors and politicians that more needs to be done for the disabled.

Best regards

27-02-2008, 09:33 PM
hi carol,

ctgal is right.. i think it will be more useful to make noise now especially election time now.. although we do not know whether it work or not but at least it would be more effective to do so now the election rather than after election..