View Full Version : Cessation of Security in our neighbourhood!

16-01-2008, 10:17 PM

Dear Friends, Residents and Neighbors,

As you have noticed, our neighborhood security have ceased with immediate effect. This is due to only ONE (1) reason – the lack of funds or contributions to maintain it.

We would like to publicly thank our friends, residents and neighbors that have helped us by contributing to the fund and helping keep the security service for so long. Please don’t forget to clear your backdate outstanding monthly contributions, as we still need to pay the security firm that provided us with the guards for this so many months. :)

We would also like to thank the rest that stood by, quietly enjoying the peace and security but did not bother to contribute a single sen to the security funds – a big thank you for contributing to the LOSS of the security service. :rolleyes:

We hope that in the near future, maybe someone will step up and again restart the security services for the community. We pray, until then, that you, your property and homes will be safe without the security guards.

Taking this opportunity to wish all a “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008”

Thank you and regards :(

ps: thanks Barron, Ricky and Huang for help keeping the security in place for so long too (since 2004!)... great to have you guys as neighbours!