View Full Version : Wireless & Portable House Alarm Equip With Car Secondary Alarm

22-12-2007, 12:21 PM
Hi All,

My company manufacturer and sells portable and wireless house alarm. It is not a traditional wireless alarm where you stick the magnetic sensor at your door and when the magnet contact is break off, it will trigger the alarm siren. It is more than that, we provide vibrator sensor for a change and this vibrator sensor can also be place in your car (up to 100 meter distance*), and whenever someone break in into your car, it will trigger the alarm unit in your house causing it to trigger the siren. The entire set is develop in Malaysia.

Also the alarm is portable which mean you can bring it to anywhere you want for extra security protection. Eg. Securing your wooden kampung house when you are back to home town or securing your car which is park 50 meters away in the kampung house or securing hotel room when you are away for a business trip to some remote area.

Interested for a demo please call me at 012-3456812 - Daniel.

Thanks for reading.