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09-10-2007, 06:22 PM
Dear all,

I am currently trying to so a small survey on some education issues faced by the government. Anyone here can answer and there are no right(s) and wrong(s) to your answer. I just want some honest opinions. Here goes..

Gender Imbalance in Education

1. Girls have overtaken boys in secondary and tertiary education what are the causes?

2. What do boys do after they stop schooling?

3. Do you think there is a need to overhaul the education system? Why?

4. What kind of courses are suitable for boys and girls?

5. Is gender imbalance in education a serious problem? Why?

6. Do you foresee further increase in the gender gap in educational attainment in the future?

7. What would happen to the labor force and the family when more girls have higher education than boys?

8. In your opinion, what is the minimum level of education for boys and girls to make a decent living?

Thanks in advance.