View Full Version : Subsidised patients wait longer to see medical specialists in Singapore

10-09-2007, 05:12 PM
Its not so good news if you are a subsidised patient (as are most senior citizens) in Singapore and if you need to see an eye specialist or orthopaedic specialist at public hospitals in the republic.

For example, at the National University Hospital, a subsidised patient has to wait an average of 8 days to see an eye specialist and 39 days to see an orthopaedic specialist. At Changi General Hospital, the corresponding figures are 55 days and 30 days respectively. At the Spore National Eye Centre, the waiting time to see an eye specialist is 3 weeks. At the Spore General Hospital, the waiting time to see an orthopaedic specialist in 29 days. These are quoted in the TODAY newspaper (http://todayonline.com), Sept 10.

The Spore Ministry of Health is looking to recruit more opthamologists and orthopaedic specialists for the public hospitals in Spore.

Malaysian medical specialists are more than welcome to apply. Remember, the top personal income tax rate in Spore is only 20%, plus you can get Spore PR pretty damn fast! What's not to like? :D