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08-08-2007, 01:10 AM
Hi. I'm a newbie.
Need advice on WS-32Z40HN samsung 32 inch tv.
Can anyone advice about the pros and cons.

Need advice on home theatre HT-XQ100 and HT-X250 which is better
Thanks. :) :confused:

21-09-2007, 06:14 PM
Hey there!

I'm using a Samsung 32" LCD TV S71 Model which is out of phased now, currently replace by the S81 Series which is about RM2999. For me the S71 32" LCD which I am using for my PC, DVD, VCR, Astro in my room is good for me in terms of size of room vs the size of LCD. Quality is good as its 7000:1 Contrast Ratio - Bright. and Good for movies in your bedroom and for computer games. However for your home hall/lounge, depending on the size and space. you need to know if its big enough for you.

If you want a good TV .. get a Samsung FULL HD 46 " LCD TV or HD Ready 46" or Sony V Series LCD TV or the New Sharp LCD TV with Contrast Ratio of 10000:1 very expensive but very very nice.

Depending on what you want and what you like.

For me, LCD TV is better than Regular TV's, LCD Projector TV's and Plasma.