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13-06-2007, 08:05 PM
Hi there Peepz,

First I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a new member, I was actually told bout this site by a good friend after my family endured a rather scary incident just 2 days ago. We're from USJ 11. So there, gimme a minute and hear me out.

Monday early mornin, at approx 12.10am, 12th june 2007, my sister returned home from training at AsiaWorks. She'd been on her mobile speaking to her fiance for bout 10 minutes before reacing home and parking under the tree opposite our house.

She didnt immediately come out of the car coz (those of you who know Didi (her name's actually Manwant- would know how many thousand things she carries to school), it was inconvenient. Hence she hung out on the phone (still speaking to her fiance) for like 15-20 minutes in the car whilst the engine still running.

Aight, then bout 12.30am, a car pulls up by her left (exactlly parallel), this chinese man comes out with a weapon (that she can't recognize due to trauma and shock etc), walks around her car (the front halfway), when she tells her fiance "someone's comin for me!".

Yeah, imagine that. But yeah, her fiance tells her to step on it and get out of there. Precisely what Manwant does, at this point the man smashes her window (ie driver's side), and she's just terrified, as she accelerates she grazed the right front side of the man/robber/assailant's car.

Wait it didnt stop there. Manwant can't remember the colour make or model of these assailant's car. However she did notice that there was another person in the car as well. So yeah as she's tryin to flee or rather get the **** out of USJ 11 to a more public area (note: Manwant was so traumatized she reckons she didn't shift from second gear for like 8km.)

So she speeds out of USJ 11, gets onto to main road that leads to Taipan, as all this is happenin, these assailants tailed her, ramming into the back of her black iswara, hitting into her from the sides (yes like in the movies). Until she reached the traffic lights (where HSBC in Taipan's on the right), flyin at the speed of 110kmh, she turns right at those lights when she loses control of the car- the car skidded a few metres and there were a bunch of people there, hence we think that scared those people tailing her, hence they fled the scene.

My sister, Manwant, thank the heavens is not hurt physically apart from scrathes on her right arm from the glass shatter of her window by that man, this mornin she discovered a coupla more bruises here and there but she is more mentally and emotionally shaken now. Though here's to Manwant, for being so bloody brave, I'm glad she responeded by fleeing asap and not just freezing.

The car's quite bad shape, especially when she skidded, all the ramming they did into her from the back and the left sides also did alot of damage. What absolutely makes me mad is I was home the whole time just metres away and didnt know "anythin" was happenin outside. So yeah Peepz, moral of this story is, you're not even safe "outside your own house". But yeah, try and get into the house asap if you're comin home really late (like in this case). Hangin out in the car takin your time, in my opinion is just an invitation to assailants as such.

I'm still so so mad. I'm shocked, I dunno i guess we're never too careful eh? But yeah if any of you have heard of situations like this occuring in the past or have any info, please do get in touch with us. I so badly want these assailants to pay man! So yeah take care care Peepz.

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Manpreet Purewal

13-06-2007, 08:41 PM
Sh!t, I saw this incident 2 nites ago :eek:. I was right infront of the traffic lights, opposite of HSBC. I also saw MPSJ enforcement officers scampering to the site. Man, what a dread. I suppose your sister, Manwant was the thin sized girl I saw circling the car, yes?

Of course the woman was terrified and didn't know what to do or how to react at the moment. But this should be a lesson to the rest of us, STAY CALM!!! Don't panic. The moment you let yourself loose, you are actually creating more danger. In an instance like this, press the bloody horn!! Press on intervals and create as much noise as you can. Of course you are fleeing for your life but you should draw attention to yourself.

And you can say what you want, I still believe ladies especially should not be coming back at those hours. But then again, that's purely my opinion.

Take care, mate and honestly hope your sister comes out of the trauma soon.

17-06-2007, 11:58 AM
Since this incident is posted here under "USJ Residents' Association" and having read the posting, I was wondering what the USJRA can do for this poor lady since from the posting of her brother, no request was made. But my Lord, I am rather surprised that you are merely a bystander here. I thought you are a guy looking for great action like Sivaji - The Boss and here you have a damsel in distress at your feet and you did nothing. Maybe you were seeing 'pink elephants' at that time. Coming back to serious business, may be lord (I think I better spell the name with the small letter) can suggest what the RA should do to help. Most of you know that the USJRA has been organising a couple of dialogues lately with our men in blue and one is coming up on 1 July (Sunday afternon). More details later but just mark this date in your calendar.

20-06-2007, 12:14 PM
I probably missed the whole 'show' by a few seconds. That's when I just pulled up to stop at the lights and saw MPSJ officers scampering to the accident site. Since it was late and me being me and not Sivaji-The Boss, I thought it was just some guy from either Country Barn or Escapade who had one too many and let his car drive him instead of him doing the driving!!!

My humble suggestion would be for USJRA to create more awareness among its residents. Like in this case, except for us who read it here, the other residents are not informed of such an incident. Maybe USJRA should think about this, how to make residents aware of such crime and the precautions need to be looked at. Maybe then, people will be more open and understand the need to actively participate in NW or any other programmes to enhance the security in our area.

As I look at it, there are still so many of us residents who are ignorant on the level of crime in SJ/USJ. Something needs to be done to drive the message home. And I'm also not discounting the fact that you guys are already doing a fantastic job with things like NW and USJAlert. I just feel that more needs and can to be done, maybe fliers on a monthly basis on major crimes and how we can thwart those things from reoccuring.

My 2 sens worth.