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08-06-2007, 01:53 PM
Hi, me name is Dennon Low .. oh wait!! Again..
Hi, my name is Dennon Low (watch too much Pirates! :rolleyes: )

I am staying at USJ 11 for many many years.. Gosh.. i lost count..
Anyway, I hope I can contribute some valuable information to this forum.

I am a Hearing Aids Dispenser or Consultant, officed at Taipan. Anyone of you wish to know more about Hearing Aids or have their hearing checked.. pls message me ok? Free for y'all. :)

Currently, I just brought a new NAZA Suria. I hope to start a new thread on that so we can share our good/bad experiences with our new cars.. :)

Oh yeah.. my personal website is still under construction.. will keep y'all posted once it is up.